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Garden Deco – Do indoor plants give out oxygen at night?

Plants release oxygen at night?

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Plants release oxygen at night: Should I buy only those plants which gives out oxygen at night? Is it being harmful to keep plants in the bedroom? Do indoor plants give out carbon dioxide or oxygen at the night time? These are the common question which comes in mind when we are going to buy plants for home.

Today in this blog I will tell you about the story behind the plants which gives out oxygen at night. Because I guess most of the information regarding this is either incomplete or misguiding on the internet. In fact, I have seen florist selling out plants in the name of plants which give out o2 at night.

The motive of writing this blog was to talk about this topic and tell you about the science behind this.

plants release oxygen diagram


Let’s talk about the basic science of the plant. We know that for the preparation of food plants need carbon dioxide and water and in presence of sunlight it produces food. This process of production of food is known as photosynthesis. The byproduct of this process is oxygen. The major part of the oxygen on the earth are the forests. Bravo! This is simple information about the plants which we might have studied in the lower classes at the school time.



Now, let’s move ahead, the second thing is that the plants also respire like us. It is more likely that people might not be aware of this thing. They take in oxygen and give out carbon dioxide. It happens entire day and night. Now, I am placing both the points together, that plants give out oxygen only during the day but the respiration or giving out carbon dioxide happens also at night. 


This is the reason why people hesitate in buying plants for rooms. When most of the people understand the information they are like carbon dioxide is coming out of plant and it is poisonous for humans and it is bad to have plants in your bedroom.  There is nothing like that. Yes, I am saying you, half information is harmful.

If the carbon dioxide coming out of the plant has to harm the humans or animals. Then the whole population residing in the forest or near the forest would have vanished in one day after living there. But it never happened. Because, the amount of carbon dioxide that comes out of a plant is very low to harm anybody.

More Information about plants release oxygen at night.

On any given day, at a particular place there is about 400-500 ppm of carbon dioxide. PPM is basically measurement that means part per million. So now if we assume there are million parts of air in this room then there will be 500 parts of carbon dioxide in it. And for your information, to harm a animal or human or to have some major problems. To make you sick the air should have at least more than 1000 ppm of co2.

Now, a human or an animal who is probably sleeping next to you produces 40,000 ppm of carbon dioxide. Which is fair enough to kill a human but what happens the carbon dioxide that comes out of humans or animals immediately diffuses into the air and get circulated. So, it does not harm us.

Now, I think this should be clear that there is no harm to keep the plants in the bedroom as the carbon dioxide produced by them do not harms the human and it is very less in quantity.

Now, let’s talk about those plants which release oxygen at night.

I would like to share some scientific facts before coming on the topic. Which would help to explain the topic. There are some plants that grow in desert like aloe Vera, succulents, snake plant or any other plant.

We know that in the desert areas the rainfall rarely happens and these plants store food in themselves for long time. Now, we know that the carbon dioxide and oxygen exchange occurs through the holes which are present on the leaves.

These holes or stomata opens:

The transpiration starts along with the photosynthesis. But what happens in the case of desert plants these holes opens only at night to avoid the loss of water. So, what these plants do. They take in carbon dioxide at night when the temperature is lesser to avoid the loss.

They take in the carbon dioxide and keep it in them. When the sun rises they produce their food like any other plant and they produce oxygen with the help of carbon dioxide. Which they stored in them at the night time.

Now the holes through which oxygen will go out is closed they will open at night. The oxygen which is produced in the day time a lot of it will not come out of the plant. The oxygen which will come out at night will be very less. Secondly it comes out as soon as the holes are open rest of the time what happens is just take in all the carbon dioxide but it cannot give out oxygen. There is not a particular evidence for the same but indeed! This process occurs in the plant.

I hope you have understood the science behind this. So, no plants give oxygen at the night time but yes these are the plants which takes carbon dioxide at the night time, but not all the plants do same.

Instead of saying your florist to give you oxygen giving plants ask them to give you carbon dioxide inhaling plants for your home and yes, no plants are harmful. Buy more plants and make your home Green.