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Tips to get rid of Fungus and insects from your garden

Rid of Fungus in garden

Rid of Fungus in garden

Plants are like pets, they can’t speak but yes they can feel and they spread love and peace. They get hurt when they are attacked by the fungus or insect. So what I feel is it is our responsibility to take care of these plants and to keep check on them every day for their better health.

In this blog I will discuss about some home remedies which can help you to get Rid of fungus in garden.

Symptoms of fungus attack:

 The plant get rotten, looks wet brown in colour or sometimes the powdery form appears on the top of the leaf. Other symptoms are yellowish and brownish spots appearance on the top of the leaves.

Symptoms of Insect attack:

You will find the holes in the leaves. If you find the thread like structure on the plant, it is due to the insect attack. Other than this the wrinkling of the leaves of the plant is also the result of insect attack on the plant.

Tips to get rid of fungus in garden

Various Problems and their solutions: -

Fungal Diseases:

As discussed above, if you find the fungus symptoms you can use 4 days’ stale buttermilk which should be sour in nature. The quantity should be 10ml in 1 litre of water. Rest you can alter the quantity as per the disease effect of the plant.

Rid of Fungus in garden
fungus and red insect
Red beetle on Gourd family:

This is a very common problem for the vegetable gardeners. When it is the season for the gourds that is starting of the march month March month. Gourds like: bottle gourd, round gourd, cucumber, bitter gourd, ash gourd and many more. The red coloured beetle do not allow the growth of these plant. For the control of red beetle on the plants, mix 2 kg cow dung ash and 20 ml of kerosene oil, broadcast it in your garden at the morning time. You need to spray it twice a week and you will get rid of the beetles.


if you see a lots of pests are coming at your garden and they are tending to destroy it than you can use 100 gram of garlic, 50 gram of ginger, 50 gram of green chilli. You need to grind all these ingredients and mix in 2.5 litre of water, filter all the material by using a cloth and spray it in your garden. By doing this the pests will not come in the garden.

Rid of Fungus in garden
Leaf curl disease:

leaf curl is also a very common problem in the garden. It might happen due to the aphid attack or due to the virus. Before spraying something on the plant do check if there are aphids present underneath the plant you can spray neem oil 4 ml per litre of water on the plant. Or if you find nothing under the leaf and they are simply showing the leaf curl then you can use raw milk 50 gm in 3 litre of water and spray it over the garden. You have to repeat the process thrice week.

Retard growth:

if you feel like the growth of your plants has retarded and they are not growing with the full pace. It may happen when the plant goes in the resting phase and they do nnot show the growth. At that time the best formula is cow dung water. You can use 1-year-old cow dung cakes. It would be better if you use the desi cow dung cakes as it is much more beneficial. You can take 3 cakes and mix it in 10 litre of water. Mix well and keep this in a shady place for around 4 days. After 4 days when you start observing some bubbling you can use it. Take 2 litre of cow dung water against 15 litre of water. Mix them well and pray it in your garden. It will show a very rapid growth of your garden.

Rid of insects

Other Tip to get rid of fungus in garden

Rid of fungus and insects


if you see the attack of caterpillar in your garden the best remedy is turmeric water. Turmeric has anti-fungal properties in it. It will help in healing cut parts of the plant. The quantity should be 10 gram of turmeric in 3 litres of water.

Note: – If you find anything in your garden which is not normal, do send us the photograph on [email protected] our experts will examine the problem and will provide the best possible solution for that. Or otherwise visit the website and fil the google form and mention your problem in it. We will get back with the solutions.