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Some interesting facts about fruits that everyone should know

You might be wondering after reading the facts. The most commonly used resources but rarely heard facts about them are vegetables and fruits. Basically “Fruit” is a botanical term or “Vegetable” is a culinary term. It means we usually call “tomato” a vegetable, but it lies in both categories as per the scientific theory. Even in 1893, the supreme court leads that tomato should be considered in the category of vegetables but botanically it is called fruit. Here in this blog, amazing facts about fruits will be discussed that probably you did know.

  • There is a tree called the “Fruit salad tree” which can grow multiple types of fruits simultaneously. This tree is made with the method of reproduction known as grafting. Such multi-grafted trees grow fruits of different families in a single tree. Although, retaining their own features like ripening time, appearance, and flavor. Fruit salad tree grows well in a pot and on the ground. It is best suited for backyard and balcony spaces.
  • The biggest tree across the world named “cashew tree” can cover an area nearly of 80,000 square feet. Also, it can generate more than 60,000 fruits every year. This tree makes its growth well without any genetic issues, it allows the branches to come outwards instead of upside. It takes the help of roots when it touches the ground.
  • Pollia condensate also known as marble berry, is the highest shining living thing over the world. This berry found in central Africa looks like a decorative shiny and shimmery item for the occasion. Additionally, it is metallic blue and considered as world’s shiniest fruit and shiny living material. The colors present in the berry appear with extraordinary intensity.
  • Riveting fact about apples, if we plant a tiny seed of an apple in the garden. Thus, a tree would not generate the same category of apple planted. Even, the taste of planted apple will not the same or it might not be suitable for consumption. In order to plant a similar kind of apple, we should plant a branch of an apple tree. Additionally, it is so pondering that some apples are half green and half red, such kind of category is called mutated apples. The reason behind the double color of the apple is that they are induced by x-radiation.
  • Before furthering, we should know some things related to “strawberry”. The artificial strawberry-flavored items we buy from the market taking 50 plus different chemicals to prepare. Also, strawberries and blackberries are not basically berries. Perhaps, avocados and tomatoes are actually called berries. Moreover, the red swelling of strawberries is not an actual fruit but the seeds we eat which are present inside the strawberry are basically a fruit.
  • Did you know? Almond not actually lies in the nut family, but it actually is a member of the peach family. Additionally, this is something shocking that calcium is not effective for bones as vitamin K is, the calcium-containing milk is not so good for our bones as compared to bananas, peaches, and avocado.


  • The most favorite and highly consumed drink across the world is coffee. Does anybody know the basic fact of this? Let me tell you. A coffee bean is not surprisingly a bean they are fruit pits or seeds. A coffee tree grows bright red-colored fruit that is known as coffee cherries.
  • Consuming grapefruit while taking medication can lead to harmful side effects, kidney failure gastrointestinal bleeding, and sometimes sudden death. Moreover, it weakens the immunity of the human body up to a high extent. It has been scientifically proven that 85 known drugs are harmful when it comes in contact with grapefruit.