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Garden Deco – Selection of the planters

Selection of the planters

Selection of the planters : Well before designing a garden we choose what plant is to be planted in the garden but selection of the most appropriate container is every bit as important as choosing the plant to grow in them. Containers which are made of Terracotta, fiberglass stone and wood all are wonderful containers. The classic pot shape has gently sloping sides that enable you to easily remove the plant and its root ball for repotting or planting out. Square pots are useful for plants with extensive root system as they hold a greater volume of potting mix for their dimensions than conical pots. When selecting urns and jars, that are designed to taper towards the mouth, make sure that the container has a sufficiently wide planting area for your needs. For tall displays opt for pots with heavy bases to prevent the planting from toppling over. And, if you prefer improvised container, such as wheelbarrows, remember to provide a drainage hole in the base.

Big Stand Planters

In this blog we will discuss about the different types of planters which we can use in our Garden.

Plastic Stand Planters

Plastic pots : – These are the most commonly available pots in the market, they come with the couple of drainage holes under the pots to escape the water from it, they are available in bunch of sizes, I recommend these pots for people who have not much space at their home or people who have a balcony or a small terrace and especially the ones who are staying at the rental homes, so they don’t need to buy much expensive stuff as these are available at the reasonable rates.  Being light in weight it makes the plastic pots slightly easier to move around, carry them, to lift them and you can even push them in any direction. With no doubts they have a long life. The main issue with the Round plastic basket is that it is plastic which is not a recycled plastic is it the virgin one which brings me to the second kind of plastic pots which are a mix of plastic and fabric that are fiber pots


Coir Baskets : –  Other name of Nutrient fill pots. These baskets are made up of coconut fiber embedded in metallic frame with plastic coting, they come in many sizes and form, one can even hang the baskets or can keep the stand in interiors, it adds on the beauty to the home. For buying such baskets click on the link.


Fabric pots : – These are actually mix of fabric and pet plastic, they are also available in the wide range of sizes, we can grow vegetables along with some other plants in these kind of pots. Yes, you have to keep a close eye on watering because the rate of evaporation in these pots is different from the typical plastic pots, I do not recommend it for indoors as the water gets collected at the underneath which gives it a dirty appearance. Yes, but if you want to keep such pots inside the house you can use a drainage tray under it so that it should not looks bad in appearance.

soil for planters
green bags for planters

Grow bags HDPE : – We use these for growing large vegetables and plants, they have drainage holes  at the base which makes sure to drain all the water from the plant and don’t let the roots rot. They are not very expensive so anybody can afford these bags. Someone who is planning to start a garden it would be rather a good idea to use these bags as they will occupy a lesser space and weed problem will not exist. I recommend these bags because they are breathable nature and they do not give a bad appearance after sometime. A good thing about these bags is they can be stored once the season is ended and they can be reused.

Some Other Selection of the planters

Terracotta pots : – Terracotta are the traditional types of pots which are handmade but nowadays the machine built are also available but the functioning of both the pots is same, they help in maintaining the temperature of the soil, they come with one drainage hole underneath. In the terracotta pots flowers and vegetables are suitable to grow. The only problem with these pots is they are not available in huge sizes say anything beyond 10’ and secondly they are fragile in nature due to which they chip off very quickly so they do not have a long life, however, they are environmentally safe and very good for ground floor, it’s a good option for gardens.

pots for planters
Big S planters

Stone containers : – Stone containers are mostly made up of Granite, and looks very beautiful cumbersome in appearance. They are mostly large in size and we need to keep them at the permanent site in the house as moving them could be a tough task due to their heavy nature. Reconstituted stone or concrete are cheaper alternatives. They come in both the harsh and polished forms but yes with no doubts they look brand new. Once they start looking dirty we can treat them with cultured yoghurt it will get back to the original color.



Fiberglass containers : –   Fiberglass planters are actually made up by mixing the glass fiber and resin in such a way that it looks like terracotta or a stone pot. They are durable in nature not very expensive and lightweight, they can be carried from one place to another very easily.

Railing Planters


Metallic pots : –  Metallic pots always marks a beauty from all the other pots. These kinds of pots are for indoor only as they get heated up if placed in the direct sun. Metallic pots are affordable in nature, they can beautify your home in very less money and these are available in plenty of sizes so we can plant a small plant to a large one in these metallic railing planters.



Wooden pots : – These are also very common nowadays, I recommend pine wood pots because they are quite durable in nature, they have a couple of holes underneath. They give a very aesthetic look. The disadvantage of the wooden pots is once they come in contact with humidity they start decaying, they do not work in the areas where rains are heavy. You can grow anything in it

Wood planters

Ceramic pots : – Life of ceramic is very long, if taken a proper care they can even work more than a decade, these is a problem with a ceramic pot that they are impermeable in nature which means they can’t pass air in and out of the pots and the only way out the soil can breathe is the drainage hole underneath, so in such kind of containers or pots always use a well-drained soil so that water can drain out quickly otherwise it can lead to the root rot.

These are some of my recommendations for the container, but yes you can use any bucket or other things for growing a plant.