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Meet the team who says, if we won’t, then who will? Satopradhan Vision Team.

Satopradhan Vision Team

Satopradhan Vision Team

Satopradhan Vision Team: Well! they have two types of kitchen gardens; indoors and outdoors. They grow organic sprouts and microgreens at home indoors on their kitchen’s shelf. Sprouts and microgreens are two superfoods which are 30 to 40 times more nutritious than the full-grown vegetables. Apart from this, they are growing leafy greens, herbs and seasonal vegetables organically on raised beds, in containers and in the ground.

They said, “We owe a vegetable garden which is 100% organic in nature and is chemical free satopradhan garden.”

They started gardening almost three years ago when they set up their home garden. Since the time they started leading a satvic lifestyle and learnt the importance of eating raw and living food like leafy greens, sprouts, microgreens & other vegetables. They were always seeking for living, pure and 100% organic food (fruits and vegetables) but couldn’t source them out easily from anywhere. That’s when they realized that the only solution to eat pure & organic food is to grow them on your own. That was the first time when they thought of growing food for their physical and mental health. And wanted to encourage a sustainable lifestyle through vegetable home gardening. Moreover, it was a great way to serve & reconnect mother nature-our long-lost relationship.

“This was the only and the best way to get closer & express gratitude for all the gifts that the nature has given to us.”

They chose this particular field as something within us very strongly. According to them Gardening is the best therapy in the world. it is indeed therapy and helps to cut down anxiety, boosts up brain functions and lifts your mood while giving our mind and body the benefits of earthing. Best of all, it brought us closer to the source of our food.

The main problem they faced when they started gardening was the lack of awareness within the public about the benefits of gardening and how to do so. This lack of understanding and knowledge led to a lack of availability of quality resources. There was not even a single common platform where they would get all the guidance, knowledge and resources to grow their fresh satvic food at home.

“Some other challenges that they faced while setting up a home garden. Includes insufficient space, heavyweight of clay pots and soil, difficulty in maintaining proper cleanliness, lack of enough knowledge regarding plant care, dilemma regarding appropriate potting mix, and inability to cure plants from transplant shock etc.”

Actually, the knowledge was scattered but not authentic in nature, which was a great challenge for them. But they knew that without getting these solutions, they won’t be able to sustain a home garden for a long time. Finally, they decided to be the solution instead of looking for it. It inspired them to carry out extensive research from authentic sources and get the best quality of resources to grow their food.


Thus, with the guidance of God, the supreme soul, they decided to set up our home garden midst all these challenges and try to inspire others to do the same for themselves and for mother nature.

Satopradhan Vision Team

“Initially, our inspiration was our passion towards serving nature and feeding our body with chemical-free food. Its driven by supreme soul, supreme Godfather’s loveful guidance and grace to help others, heal and get one step closer to nature.”

They want to inspire people to adopt a sustainable & natural lifestyle by growing their own food at home. They provide all necessary gardening knowledge & resources to people which is required for establishing a home garden.

So they supply resources includes Fabric Grow Bags (Various sizes), Organic Desi Seeds, Soil Mix, Nutrition & Plant Protections etc. They spread the knowledge to practice “Yogic Kheti”. i.e. To grow fruits and vegetables organically with Yogic Powers (pure, positive & powerful vibrations generated during Rajyoga Meditation). All these resources have been specially devised to overcome majority of limitations which is concerned with conventional home gardening. They help to make home gardening feasible, enjoyable and easy for everyone.

To make it easy and convenient, they launched unique gardening kits. Such as sprouting jar kit and microgreens growing kit for the community. Try to grow them with their detailed information on their Youtube channel Satopradhan.

“Our vision is to see each one of you consuming 100% organic and pure food that you have grown with your own hands.”

Help yourselves by investing in good food rather than medicines, to establish a beautiful, disease-free, satopradhan world. Take one step closer to mother nature and start growing your own because if we can, then who can’t.