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Regrow food from your kitchen

Regrow vegetables from kitchen

Regrow vegetables from kitchen: Some easy to grow food in our kitchen are spices, vegetables and herbs. They are very simple to grow and do not requires much effort. In this blog, I will enlighten you up with some foods, for which you don’t have to go outside for collecting seeds.


First food on my list is wheatgrass. This is also known as super foodd.  Because it is beneficial for people who are suffering with diabetes, slow metabolism, weak immunity. So, you can grow it with any kind of wheat grains of any variety. Regrow vegetables from kitchen – If you don’t have pots, you can also use some take away boxes and make some drainage holes in it. Fill them with soil and broadcasting the grains on it. And cover it with, soil layer of 1 centimeter. If you don’t have soil you can also use tissue paper. Make one layer of the tissue paper as the base. Put the overnight soaked grains on it and cover it with another layer of tissue paper.

Regrow vegetables from kitchen

They will start sprouting within 2-3 days. You have to harvest them at the stage of jointing. It is the stage when it develops 2 leaves, in which one leaf is coming out of the second leaf. At that time, the sugar content in wheat grass is maximum. Clip a bunch of them and put it in a blender. Add some water in it and you can drink it as a medicine, because I don’t think it is that great in taste. You can harvest it up to 2-3 times, afterwards the sugar content goes down.

Garlic regow vegetable from kitchen

Second edible food is garlic. Make sure you must choose the big sized cloves. Start with just 4-5 cloves and it will work out within 3-4 months. Put these cloves vertically in soil about 3-4 inches deep. Becaue lower part of the clove is used for the roots to come out. So after sowing, put the pot in a sunny place. Water it twice or thrice a week. Garlic is mostly sown in the month of September or October in Punjab.


Third food is potato. Small eyes are present on the matured potatoes. These small buds can actually grow into a full potato plant. So you can cut each potato into 2-3 pieces. From one potato you can get at least 2-3 plants. Sowing should be done after 3-4 hours of cutting potatoes. Use a pot which is at least 11 inches deep or sow it directly in ground as well. Potatoes will form under the soil after 3-4 months of sowing.


Potato regow vegetable

Some other regrow vegetables from kitchen


Select a couple of red matured chilies. Let them dry in sun. So germination would not be possible with wet seeds. Spread the seeds in soil and cover them with an inch layer of soil. Watering should be done every day. Seeds will sprout within a week. After that harvesting of chilly will be done in 3-4 months of sowing.

Carrot and radish

Next plants on my category are carrot and radish. Cut from the top of radish and carrot up to 2-3 centimeters and directly plant them in sol. It is good to keep a distance of 4-5 inches. I am actually growing the radish and carrot together and reason behind is to repel soil insects. One thing I would like to clarify about growing of radish or carrot is that, you just need to take a little top portion of carrot and radish.  So, this piece of carrot is going to develop roots then this plant is going to flower or bloom and finally develop seeds within a 40-60 days.

regrow vegetables from kitchen
methi getabble from kitchen
Coriander and fenugreek

Next two edible food are coriander and fenugreek. If you don’t have big pots, you can even use disposable boxes. Break the outer covering of coriander a little with some pressure. Then spread the crushed seeds in any kind of soil and cover it with an inch layer of soil. I use the same container, which I use for the garlic cloves. Because fenugreek will grow with in a month or so and they have very shallow roots but garlic sown about four inches deep is going to develop very slow. They take about 5-6 months to grow into a complete bulb of garlic. It promotes the multi-layer farming.


Last but not the least is mint. Take some stems of mint plant. Make a cut at the node of the stem. It is essentially that part of the stem, from which multiple leaves are coming out. From this cut, rooting hormone releases that helps to develop roots when you put the stems in water. Within 4-5 days and so on, your stems should start developing roots. If you start with at least 8 to 10 stems, you will have at least 4-5 of them which will develop roots. Afterwards, plant these seedlings in potting soil. You will get good harvest after 100 days of sowing.

Note: Basic requirements for these plants are 4-5 hours of direct sun, water when soil looks dry, well-drained soil, minimum 3-4-inch-deep pot, apply fertilizer/compost every month.

regrow vegetables from kitchen Mint