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Conventional farming is not my taste Rashpal Singh Brar

Rashpal Singh Brar Garden Story

Rashpal Singh Brar Garden Story: Government sectors of our country are introducing many policies to promote horticulture all around by serving essential subsidies to the farmers. But farmers are still jumping on the bandwagon and stuck in traditional farming after their fathers and forefathers. However, the next generation of farmers is opting for new techniques to make agriculture a good profession to be occupied.

I am going to talk about the modern farmer, who is not blindly following the flock of sheep but is involved in new tactics. His name is Rashpal Singh Brar, a resident of baloke village of district Barnala, who has set an example for all traditional farmers. He is working on Cordycepes Militaris mushroom. He is 37 years old. He has pursued his graduation from Rajendra college of Bathinda. He started his business of mushroom in 2017.  

rashpal singh brar
He said, “I took my training of mushroom from KVK Handyai.”

It was the 4th day of training on button mushrooms and shiitake mushrooms.  On that particular day of training, a mentor over there gave a brief on Cordycepes mushroom which is very nutritious in nature and has high medicinal importance. At that moment, he got the idea to initiate research on Cordycepes instead of categories of mushrooms. So, he started studying more about this mushroom and went through various research work of foreign scientists posted on google. He devoted his extra time to research more facts about Cordycepes mushrooms. He fully involved himself to learn the procedure and concepts of growing this valuable mushroom. After gaining theoretical knowledge about the mushroom, he commenced practical experiments.

According to him, Cordycepes mushroom is a 100 % natural product and is beneficial for our body.

This mushroom raises stamina and maintains hormonal balance. Not only this but also cures diabetes, cancer, muscular pain and knee ache. This is antiaging in nature. It helps to cure every kind of disease in the body. Moreover, it can cure body problems and removes weakness. The majority of people use this mushroom for medicinal purposes. Consumption of these mushrooms are highly beneficial for athletes. They especially add mushrooms to their meals to boost their stamina.  Cordyceps is a multitasking agent, It can permanently remove the disease from the body.

Rashpal has managed Cordycepes mushroom farming in two rooms, one room is used as a working area and another one is used for growing purposes. Sterilization, laminar flow and seeding process are prepared in the working room. Then, they transferred to the growing room. Additionally, it is very important to maintain the optimum temperature of the growing room i.e., 20 degrees Celsius around the year.  Generally, mushrooms get ready to harvest after 50-55 days of growing. Production of Cordycepes mushroom goes well with the process of tissue culture using laminar flow.

 To manage the work smoothly, he installed essential facilities in the rooms such as Ac, humidifier and tube lights, etc. However, cordycepes easily get contaminated so, it is required to manage the work with proper precautionary measures. if any contamination error occurs then, the growing process will not work well for the entire stock.  It is important to sustain the sterilized conditions of the room.

He said, “I always wanted to do something big, productive, and unique. That’s why I adopted Cordycepes mushroom instead of a button and shiitake mushroom.

He is an enthusiastic person, who supervised all the tasks from a farming perspective to expenses very smartly and accurately. Generally, the minimum requirement to start this project is around 50 lakhs. Also, many people at that time, invested 1 crore to start this.

“Rashpal has started the project with the investment of one and a half lakh”.

How amazing this person is, who used his own hit and trial methods to start his venture. He is using a small generator that is capable to bear the load of the air Conditioner. He has occupied only two rooms space to complete all the errands with proper safety procedures.  He followed the phrase “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together”. So, he started using a pressure cooker instead of an autoclave to save money. During that period, his major focus was to fulfill all the requirements of the growing room and spend less money as possible on the project.

To widen his business initially he purchased a culture of mushrooms from Vietnam. After a year, he started making his own tissue culture. With the Gradual trend, the quality of mushrooms became better.

He said, “In the first 5-6 months I gained no profits, because of contamination.

In the first half-year, all his work went wrong and his mushrooms get spoiled. So, with intense dedication and effort, steadily after a few months. Everything started to come on track and quality get improved but, it cost too much. So, he started selling mushrooms at the cost of 10,000 per 100 grams. According to him, high quality is the main reason for having a high cost.  It is a true fact, that the quality of mushrooms he is selling can cure a patient’s disease within 4 days.  As quality always matters and it can be seen clearly in his work. He never prefers to grow Cordycepes during winters, especially in December and January.  The reason is, throughout these months it is very hard to maintain the temperature of the growing room.  As well as the quality of the mushroom is not up to the mark in that period.

He said, “Actually, I sell my Cordycepes mushroom through mouth-to-mouth marketing”.

His hard work pays off, he started selling his mushroom all over India by interacting with retailers and following mouth-to-mouth marketing techniques. Whenever one person gets relief from the mushrooms he would refer to another. So, in this way, his business came into the Indian market. He is not only gained success around the national market but, the mushrooms got popular in the international market as well. People especially visit his place to buy an all-rounder vegetable called Cordycepes mushrooms.

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Simultaneously, Rashpal has started growing the most tricky and unique fruit “strawberry” in 2012. He has produced his first runners of strawberries in Himachal Pradesh. Later on, he has started growing strawberry runners in Punjab as well.  Usually, strawberries need 3 months to complete their harvesting process. It can be grown well from February to ending of April. Rashpal has spread the sale of his well-grown strawberries across India. To get a good image in an enterprise world he sells the strawberries with the brand name “Ballo”. Currently, he is gaining nearly a profit of 1-1.5 lakhs per month.


He is a role model for all the farmers who are still growing traditional crops and vegetables on their farms. Farmers have a wide number of options to be added to the traditional farming methods.  

Rashpal Singh Brar Garden Story -

He said, “Take chances, make mistakes. That’s how you grow”.

He is such a courageous person who does not lose hope no matter what the circumstances are. Although in his journey, he had faced many problems like growing and maintaining Cordycepes but he never stopped struggling.

He said, ” When I have commenced my business I did not think about profit or loss. In the initial stages, I failed to grow mushrooms but after that, I got an idea that how to make a solution for the raised problem and took that failure as an experience for free”.

He does not run behind the money. He just concentrates on his work.  Currently, he is selling the mushroom in his town by the brand name “Barnala Cordycepes mushroom”.

His message to other farmers is that do something new and unique. You should always remain ready to learn new things and techniques. Always have some patience while doing a new business.  It is important to give your business a year and don’t think about profit or loss initially. You just need to maintain the quality, as quality matters everywhere.

He said, “I want to spread the business of Cordycepes mushroom around every outskirt of the world”.

Now, he will impart his more time advertising mushrooms. He wants to give his full devotion to the quality assurance and safe packaging of the mushrooms. Currently, his main goal would be to tie up with some big companies and improve his marketing growth across the world.