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Waiting Area Sofa | Three-Seater Waiting Steel Chair | Reception Chair


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Waiting Area Sofa

We provide a three-seater steel waiting area sofa, visitor chair, waiting chair for hospital, waiting chair, waiting room chair, airport waiting chair.

Size and description for waiting area sofa:

  • Very easy to assemble. Any local carpenter or helper can do this easily. All assembly instructions and components included in the package.
  • Size: L: 175cm , W: 56cm, H: 78cm
  • Perfect For Indoor Use. It comes with maximum width as compared to the normal three-seater waiting area chairs.
  • The latest technology adapted to make the seating comfortable for the user. It comes with Powder Coated Steel Seat, Chrome Plated Handles And Legs, Ms Beam In Black Color.

Garden Deco, the leading waiting area sofa supplier in Punjab, offers a modern visitor chair to add to your reception or waiting area aesthetics. Extend a warm welcome to the visitors and patients with furniture that speaks of style. We help to ensure that the visitors feel at home the moment they step inside your office or healthcare facility.

It speaks out loud through comfortable arrangements that your clients have indeed reached the right place that offers the best treatment.

Key Points While Selection Of Steel Waiting Area Sofa Chair

When you are going to purchase any visitor chair either for reception, hospital, shops, health care facilities etc. But there is some point that you must keep in mind before purchasing these chairs.

  • It must be ergonomic.
  • Material Should be of the right quality.
  • It should be designed well and consume less space.

Garden Deco – online garden store, considers all these points and provides you with a waiting area chair that offers a comfortable visitor experience.

Waiting Area Décor Guide

Ample of things should be taken in consideration while choosing reception furniture. First of all, it should be comfortable, having an uncomfortable furniture could make the wait time feel exceptionally long for those who are waiting for twenty minutes or longer.

If we talk about the average time which a person spends in the waiting area is twenty-one minutes. If your guests spend this much time in the waiting area than it is important to make sure that you must leave a lasting impression on them and make sure that they are comfortable and feel welcomed.

Your waiting room should reflect your organization or company as well as it should also make your guests feel comfortable. Knowing how to design your waiting room can be difficult that’s why we have come up with some tips and advices to help you through the layout process. Your furniture is the most important part of your waiting room because this is the first thing that your guests see when they arrive and it determines how comfortable they will be.

You must place the waiting chair near the area from where the guests enter and exit. Make sure that your waiting room is in a clear location and easy to find so, that the guests can easily detect where to go. Our waiting area chair fits in every area without any issues to determine. The number of chairs to be kept in the waiting area depends on how many people visit your place on the most occupied day.

Good waiting area should have a few décor items such as an artificial plants and decorative pots. So, your guests have something to look at while they wait. A waiting room is also a great opportunity to advertise your business.

Qualities of Waiting Area Sofa Chair

Our chairs have whole welded connections which increases the life and stability of the chair. It is light in weight and ecofriendly. Having good weight handling capacity makes it more durable and long lasting in nature. It is very comfortable and even do not slip when anyone sits on it. Easy to clean and disinfect in order to maintain a hygienic atmosphere.

Perfectly designed weighting chair for hospitals, offices, diagnostic centers, schools, gardens, airports, hotels, corporative sectors and many more. This chair is rigid in design yet having best aesthetic look. Therefore chair is designed ergonomically to have comfort to user.

We declare all the specifications of the 3-Seater Waiting Area Sofa Chair like detailed measurements and photographs of each component. You can buy this product from amazon or garden deco with 100% trust. Now it is available with discount of 3600 rupees. Grab this offer!!


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