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Vertical Jute Bag | Garden Deco Jute Grow Bag


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Vertical Jute Bag

Vertical jute bag  made with jute which is eco-friendly. You can add any growing medium in it and  can use this to grow plants while hanging on walls. 

  • Size: Width=23.5cm , height: 53cm, Handle height:15.5cm
  • Best suitable for 8 inch , 10inch, 12 inch baskets.
  • It is jute which is 100% decomposable.

Product information of Vertical Jute Bag

  • Material: Jute
  • Color: Green
  • Category: Garden Decor
  • Available as Set of 1, Set of 2 & Set of 4 pcs.
  • Eco-Friendly & Chemical Free


  • It is 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly alternative for growing plants.
  • Great to hang inhouse/outhouse and on the balcony.
  • Perfect for the balcony or small gardens.
  • Jute is an incredibly strong & sustainable fibre.
  • These jute bags are reusable and, therefore, environmentally friendly too.
  • Reusable for next season as well
  • Lightweight can be repositioned easily than other rigid planters.
  • They are widely used to grow all types of plant on the terrace & balcony.

Jute Bag Planter

As the image shows, we are ready to talk about jute bag planters here. Vertical Jute bag planters are biodegradable & ecofriendly. These are non-hazardous, chemical-free & appropriately suitable for every plant. In today’s pollutant environment, there is an immense need to get indulged in eco-friendly resources. There are so many alternatives available to shift to biodegradable resources.

These jute planters are super convenient & can be squeezed into small spaces, much more comfortable than a rigid container. Jute bags can be hanged on any wall or any vertical surface as well. Jute planters are more permeable to retain water in turn, and they required watering less frequently.

Vertical Jute bag  planters are a perfect innovative alternate to plastic planters. These are more affordable as compared to other rigid planters. These can be repositioned easily as per choice, as these are light in weight than the other rigid planters. 

Jute planters just need to fill with compost, the process of digging or soil preparation is not involved & this makes growing vegetables & herbs a quick and labour free smart activity. These bags are reusable, so you can rinse them out and use them the following year at the end of the growing season.


Jute is the 2nd most crucial vegetable fibre in the world after cotton. The foremost benefit of using jute in any manner is that’ this is 100% biodegradable & eco-friendly. It contributes to saving the environment as this is appropriately suitable to replace plastic from so many places.  

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1, Set Of 2, Set Of 4


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