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Tomato Seeds

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  • Easy to grow seed bombs.
  • Perfect for gifting on different occasions.

What is tomato seeds bomb?

Tomato Seeds Bomb is actually a seed which is covered with the mixture of soil and cow dung. Tomatoes are very easy to grow and planting them in your garden will ensure you to get a fresh supply all year round.

Botanically, tomato is a fruit, but its nutritional properties categorized among vegetables. Because it comes from a single flower ovary and it contains many seeds. Tomato flowers are self-pollinating i.e. both male and female parts are present inside the flower. Pollination occurs either by wind or bees. Tomatoes are available in different colors such as red, yellow, green, orange, pink, black, brown, white and purple etc. They are super easy to grow in home gardens. Do not eat tomato leaves because it contains solanine toxin. There are two types of tomato plants i.e. indeterminate and determinate. Determinate plants bloom and fruit for a short period whereas, indeterminate type continues to bloom and produces a lot of fruit until the end of the season.

Nutritional content for tomato seed

Tomatoes are a super food, it contains good amount of vitamin B6, C and K. Keep it in mind, if you are cooking the tomatoes, Vitamin C is degraded with heat.

Why are tomatoes red?

A super powerful antioxidant found in tomatoes i.e. lycopene which gives tomatoes the red coloration. Immature tomatoes are green due to chlorophyll pigment present in them.

Reasons to eat tomatoes everyday

Tomatoes are one of those anti-inflammatory foods that tastes incredible. It is rich source of lycopene, beta-carotene, folate, potassium, Vitamin C, flavonoids and Vitamin E.

Loaded with anti-cancer ingredients:

People who eat more tomatoes are less likely to suffer from prostate cancer. Lycopene is considered as immune enhancing substance that plays a major role against cancer. Tomato contains a variety of powerful phytochemicals and phenolic acids that fights against cancer and other chronic diseases.

Improves your eyesight:

Protective compound called lutein is present in tomatoes which is effective for eye health. It protects the eye’s retina which is especially vulnerable, as we get older day by day due to long-term damage from UV light radiation and oxidative stress in our eyes. Lutein acts as a natural macular degeneration treatment.

Improves skin health:

They improve so many aspects in the human body i.e. skin and beauty. Vitamin C is crucial for keeping our skin’s immunity, elasticity and even complexion over the years. Vitamin C is found in tomatoes in a gel like substance that surrounds the tomato seeds. For prevention of any skin degeneration, lutein provides protection against skin damage or even skin cancer.


Colourful veggies especially red and orange ones usually contains essential substances that have incredible health benefits. Deep red color of tomatoes is a good indicator of inflammation compounds present in it. Tomatoes are known for a trio of antioxidants such as zeta carotene, phytoene and phytofluene. These phytonutrients are effective to lower down the disease-causing inflammation in our bodies. Thus, lowering age related diseases like heart diseases, cancer, diabetes, arthritis and even cognitive decline.

Improves heart health and circulation:

Tomatoes antioxidants especially lycopene is known to fight against free radicals and protects us from oxidative stress. It prevents from heart diseases, arthrosclerosis, risk of heart attack and even strokes. Tomatoes can even reduce high blood pressure, lower cholesterol, improves blood vessel structure and even blood glucose.

How to grow tomato from seeds

Collect some tomato seeds bomb. Fill a pot with potting mix i.e. 60% garden soil and 40% vermicompost. For December planting, sowing should be done in October and transplanting in November-December. For February planting, sow the seeds in the last fortnight of November and transplanting should be done in February. Sow the seed bomb in this soil mix and cover them with an inch layer of soil and immediately watered it.

Keep the pot in partial shade and when the seeds start to germinate, move it into full sun. They are ready for transplanting about after a month, when the seedlings are 6-8 inches tall. Tomato plants requires well drained fertile soil. Transplant two tomato plants with 6-8-inch gap in a container which is at least 18-20 inches in diameter and 15-18-inch-deep. Tomato plants need 4-6 hours of sun. Total irrigations required are 14 to 15 at 6-7 days interval during summer and 10-15 days during winter months.

Tricks to grow tons of tomato from seeds

Sunlight: Tomato plant gets at least 4 hours of sunlight in a day because without sunlight the flowers will not come. So, make sure you have grown or kept your tomato plant in a place where it gets maximum sunlight. Do not keep it in shady place because tomato plant needs a lot of sunlight to bear flowers and turn your tomatoes to red in colour.

Remove the suckers: Remove unwanted branches, yellow and dry leaves of tomato plant. Because these branches absorb a lot of energy from tomato plant otherwise it is utilized in bearing fruit and flowers.

Humidity: Tomato plant loves humidity. Spray water over the leaves of tomato plant with an interval of 2-3 days, to make it more humid. They actually grow very well if you keep it humid. Make sure you always keep your tomato plant, near a lot of plants so that lot of humidity maintained there.

Moisture: Tomato plant likes moist soil and if you do not water the tomato plant properly then you would not get good number of flowers in your tomato plant. Make sure that soil always be moist but not soggy and you have to maintain well drained fertile and a moist soil for a tomato plant otherwise plant does not bear flowers.

Fertilizer: Apply 200 grams of vermicompost to tomato plant within an interval of 10 to 15 days. It helps the plant to grow in just 3 months. Vermicompost contains phosphorus, potassium and other micro nutrients. You can also use bone meal powder as it contains a lot of calcium and phosphorus. Calcium is also essential for tomato fruit setting.