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Sunflower Seeds

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  • Easy to grow seed bombs.
  • Perfect for gifting on different occasions.

What is Sunflower seeds bomb

Sunflower Seed bomb is actually a seed which is covered with the mixture of soil and cow dung. It provides nutrition to the seed and helps to encourages its germination by direct feeding the embryo of the seed.

Sunflower is a big and beautiful yellow flower. Its center is made up of lots of smaller flowers. So, the dark brown part in the middle of the flower contains a lot of seeds. It symbolizes faith, happiness, a long life and good luck.

Reasons to have a sunflower in your garden

Sunflower attract bees: Honey bees is essential for pollination of crops such as pumpkin, cucumber, squash, tomatoes and eggplant etc. Honey bees gets attracted by sunflower from a faraway distance and they will pollinate the rest of your garden plants as well. Bees also collect pollens and nectar from flowers to build their colonies for their survival.

Sunflower acts as a catch crop: Catch crop is a crop that attracts all the pests, that is prevailing in your garden. Sunflowers produces a lot of nectar and dew that’s why aphids and white flies are attracted to them. So, it helps to keep all the pests away from your garden by emerging beneficial insects such as lady bugs, bumble bees and lace wings etc.

Sunflower produces a lot of seeds: Its good to get a seed from your garden. You can eat the seeds of sunflower, as well as feed these seeds to your chicks and birds etc. You can also save these seeds from the sunflower and plant them next year.

Sunflower used as a cut flower: Sunflower’s bouquet of cut flowers is also made. Just strip off the leaves at the bottom of the stem and you can used it as a cut flower, kitchen counter and even for your desk.

Amazing Sunflower Seeds facts

Sunflowers are edible: From its roots to the petals, sunflowers are completely safe to eat. It adds a twist to flavor and boosts the color in raw dishes like salads.

Sunflower demonstrate a behavior called Heliotropism: Due to this behavior, sunflower responds to the direction of the sun.

Sunflower do not face each other when it’s a cloudy day: There’s a common myth that sunflower face each other during cloudy day and its actually scientifically inaccurate. Sunflowers only responds to the sun and will remains at rest in its absence.

Mature Sunflowers face east all day long: Although, sunflower follows the sun’s direction all day long. Once the sunflowers are fully grown, it will stop following the sun’s trail and simply face the east direction the whole day.

Sunflowers can absorb toxins: As hyperaccumulators, sunflowers can also absorb high amount of toxic materials from the soil, leaves and stems.

Sunflower Products

Sunflower butter, Sunflower oil, Sunflower halva, Sunflower natural dyes, Sunflower jelly.

Benefits of Sunflower

Sunflowers are known for its beauty and its seeds contain unique spectrum of nutrients. They consists many nutrients such as copper, selenium, vitamin E and many more.

Helps to improve cholesterol level: They are rich source of monosaturated and polysaturated fats which are known for reducing the LDL level of cholesterol in a body. Sunflower seeds are also rich in fiber which helps to promote bile excretion in feces.

Helps to support bone health: Bone is a living tissue which requires nutrition like many other parts of the body to retain its ideal function. Calcium is merely one of the necessary nutrients for optimal bone health.

Helps to control blood sugar: It lowers down the diabetes development and overall blood sugar management.

Promotes healthy detoxification: Selenium is an important mineral when it comes to assisting in the removal of waste material from the body. It also plays a major role in many biological processes and maintenance of the body.

Stimulate repair of damaged cells: Selenium helps to stimulate repair of damaged cells owing to the action of toxins on them. It also lowers the risk of dying from cancer.

Support the health of your skin: It is an excellent source of Vitamin E which plays an integral role in skin health. It reduces oxidative damage to skin cells which is caused by UV rays.

Promotes good mood and restful sleep: Magnesium in sunflower is responsible for good mood and improves level of serotonin in brain.

Rich source of protein: It provides good amount of protein to our body.


Helps in weight loss:

Sunflower appear to be a source of nutrients that are conductive for weight loss.


Helps to manage hypertension: It contains many minerals that helps to regulate blood pressure.

Helps to promote hair growth and luster: Vitamin E keeps your hair youthful and rich by adding volume and bounce.

How to grow sunflower from seeds bomb

You can collect sunflower seeds bombs online and here I have posted the links below. Take medium size container which is at least 4-5 inches deep. Make sure they have holes for drainage at the bottom. Soil mix consists of 70% coco peat, 30% compost and 1 tablespoon fungicide powder to avoid rot problems. Fill the pot with soil mix. Sowing of seeds should be done in January with 2-3 inches apart from each other. Cover the seeds with a one-inch layer of the same soil mix. Immediately water the seeds with gentle shower, being careful not to displace the seeds.

Keep the pot in a sunny location. Make sure the soil remains wet during the first 10-15 days. After 5-6 days seeds will start to germinate. Transplant them when seedlings turn 5-7 inches tall at their final location. It generally requires 6-9 irrigations depending upon the type of soil, rain and prevailing weather. Stop irrigations about 12-14 days before harvesting. Crop is ready for harvested when head turns yellow-brown at lower surface near the stalk and the disc start drying up. At the time of full maturity, seeds give blackish look and are fully ripe.

Take care of Sunflower plants

Sunflowers are highly tolerant or low maintenance plants that requires minimal care.

Watering: Sunflowers needs a lot of water. Its important to keep your soil moist, not soggy or not so dry. Regular watering about 20 days before and after flowering.

Pruning: If some leaves looks wilted, it’s important to prune out. This will enhance the appearance of the sunflower plant. You can also cut the old stalks, for promoting the growth of the plant.

Location: It grows best in location with full direct sunlight. They require 6-8 hours of direct sunlight per day.

Stalking: You must provide support to the plant by wooden stick in order to avoid lodging of the plant.