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S hooks | Garden Deco | Stainless Steel Hooks


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S Hooks

Garden Deco provides strong quality stainless steel S hooks that you can use for hanging pots, birdbath, lanterns, curtains etc.

Product information of S Hooks

  • Size: 4 Inch
  • Material: Metal
  • 1 Set Contain: 6 Pcs
  • Color: Silver(Weather Proof Coating)
  • Category: Hooks & Hangers


  • Made with premium quality robust metal
  • Weatherproof silver coating to increase the product life
  • Great to hang planters, chimes & other garden articles
  • Can be used in a closet/tool room/Kitchen/Bathroom to hang hats, belts, bags, hoses, towels & curtains.
  • Reusable for next task
  • Super handy can be added or taken away┬áinstantly
  • Heavy duty can take 6-8 Kgs load
  • This product is not limited to any specific area or function. It can use for multi-purposes.
  • Super Affordable

Below are some glimpse points in favour of S hook

Our versatile S hooks are heavy-duty and made with premium quality robust metal so that they can bear enough load, Glazed with weatherproof black coating for everlasting life. But the quality says itself, and indisputably, you will be able to use these extension hooks in so many years to come.

S hooks are the star of a multi-purpose storage solution. It can be made of steel, iron, copper & some other mixed metals. However Above all Available in the market in addition with multiple patterns, colors & sizes. Similarly this versatile article must be accommodated in every home as this is hugely useful from household to garden and big automotive industries.

It has always maintained a particular space for itself in the category of multi-purpose storage & hanging solution by its multi-functional quality. S hook are eminently known as storage organizing & hanging solution.

Benefits of S Hooks

You can see in the image; S hook are truly helpful to maintain your vertical garden in the best possible way. You may hang your pots & planters on vertical wall surfaces with the help of S hooks, both indoor & outdoor. Similarly Apart from this, you may hang birdfeeder, chimes and lamps etc. as well in the garden, By the help of these S hook. In other words By using this method, the floor & shelf spaces get freed up and the article is given a bit more breathable spaces & more accessible room. So, Hanging planters & vertical garden both are the best way of creating more functional spaces in the house.

S hook are utterly multi-functional & exclusively useful to organize your Kitchen/toolroom & closet as well. But it can be hanged on multiple types of rods and rails in turn, and it creates more storage capacity everywhere. Adding these simple hooks in use is such a wise idea to create more customized vacant spaces. Therefore S hooks’ help, things will come out from the bulk mow of a drawer to more accessible places.

Order S-hooks in Bulk

We Garden Deco is a one-stop online horticulture superstore where you can get practically almost everything you need to set up your domestic garden. We only provide authentic and high-quality horticulture products at unbeatable prices. Because of our vast range contains Coir Hanging Baskets, Plastic Hanging Baskets, Woven Hanging Baskets, Coir Urn Planters, Coir Fountain Planter, Metal Planters, Railing Planters and Garden Pot stands etc. So we provide Planter stands, Hooks & Hangers, Hanging Basket Brackets, Window Boxes and Troughs, Trellises/Arches and Plant Supports, Plant twist tie and jute twine. Coco pots, Coco peat bricks, Coir Poles, Coir Mats, Coir Chips, Coir Hanging Basket Liners, Jute products and the list will go on. All the above-given products are available in multiple sizes and patterns. Garden Deco always keep something for every garden and Gardner whether the garden is modernized vertical or traditional, small or big.

Hope you will be super impressed with the qualities of S hooks. We Garden Deco will introduce our super-useful product S-hook from our outspread horticultural range of hooks & hangers. We are always keen to know more about the horticulture needs & always equipped to initiate steps to attain that needs.


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