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Round Plastic Basket | Plastic Hanging Basket


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Round Plastic Basket

Garden deco provides beautiful round plastic basket that is suitable for plants and flowers. It allows you to grow plants or flower in 2 tier. Size: 11 Inch Dia
  • Side holes Allow Flowers to Bloom Outwards
  • Convenient drainage holes.

Product information of Round Plastic Basket

  • Basket Size: 11 Inch
  • Material: Plastic & Metal
  • Available in qty:1, Set of 2 and set of 4 pcs.
  • Basket Color: Sea Green
  • Chain Color: Silver


  • Made with durable plastic and included a strong metal chain.
  • The weatherproof coating on a chain increases the product life.
  • Great to hang inhouse/outhouse & in the balcony
  • Reusable for next session as well
  • Available with us at an unbeatable price
  • Help to add a pop of color in the home.
  • Removable windows allow 2 tier gardening.

Customer First Quality Best

In the era of vertical gardening, hanging basket planters’ production has been positively escalated & became a supreme part of the production in the category of horticulture production. Use of hanging basket planter is the best suitable method to set up a vertical garden. Keeping the planters on the floor concept is no longer prevailing in trend & not suitable for working well in the customized urban apartments. Here hanging basket is well replacing the floor planters & working far better than those. A hanging basket can be made of metal, plastic, terracotta etc. Can be shaped in numerous shapes & sizes too.

Now the round plastic basket are the foremost attraction centre for the horticulture customers as the round plastic basket are super convenient, light-weight & durable. round plastic baskets demand low maintenance compared to other planters; these are strong & a bit tough to break. So we Garden Deco is here showcasing our extensive range of round plastic baskets planter with metal chain. This is available with us in numerous colors.

These round plastic baskets are super handy to use, can be hanged on wall with the help of extension hook, S hook & any hanging basket bracket. Hanging basket planter is suitable for both indoor & outdoor.

Gorgeously crafted, baskets with durable plastic & chain with robust metal. Convenient drainage holes keep only the required amount of water in the planter & allow plants to grow outwards. Smart removable windows are making it multifunctional. With the help of these removable windows, one can plant multiple plants in the planters. (1 plant in each window) and on top also. In this way, it allows you to do multi-tier gardening. The metal chain is coated with weatherproof & rustproof coating for longer durability.

Shop a wide range of Round Plastic basket

Our range of round plastic baskets planters is helpful to add a pop of colors to the home garden. These plastic hanging planters are available with us in multiple colors as well, and it can be mixed & matched with the interior of the house easily.

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1, Set Of 2, Set Of 4


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