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Garden Deco Pot Stand For Balcony


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Pot stand for balcony

If you are looking to purchase pot stand for a balcony in India, then you are in the right place. Garden Deco pot stand is perfect for Plant Stands for balcony India. These are constructed with strong metal. These pot and plant stands are finished with a weatherproof coating to avoid rusting. We also provide coir liner along with these pot and plant stands. So, you can directly grow the plant in these stands or can put planter inside it.

  • Size: 8 Inch or 20 cm.
  • Best suitable for small pots.
  • It is made with Strong and durable material.

Garden Deco Balcony Pot Stand

Balcony pot and plant stand gives your flowers or plants an elegant look. Because, the right pot and plant stand can actually compliment the space. it’s set in and “vibe” with the rest of the space. Similarly, plant stands make plants more comfortable to reach, so that you can better care for them. You can opt for these balcony stand if your ground space is less. This way, you can still grow more plants even if you technically do not have space for them.

Our outdoor stand manufacture using high-quality material and made available with coir liner to meet the diverse needs of our customers. So you can grow flower or plants inside it in your own way with flower pot stand. If you are looking for another type of plant, stand for a balcony, then you can check our other Railing planters pots and plant stand online range. Garden Decor India gives you wide variety for selection of plant stands.

Types Of Balcony Pot Stand

Wide varieties of pot and plant stands are available that can fit in your balcony. You can choose different pot and plant stand as per your requirement.

Railing Pot stand

You can fit these pot and plant stands in your balcony railing. It will beautify your garden as well as increase your garden space.

Pot Stand for Balcony or Wall

It is easy to install in your balcony Because it allows you to do vertical gardening. So you can club multiple planters in it.

Pot caddy

Pot caddies are perfect for heavy pots. These stands will lift your planters from the floor and give you easy to move your planter.

Single Tier Plant Stand

You can place this planter on the floor and place single or multiple planters on it. It will protect your costly floor by lifting your planter.

Organize your plants gracefully with these plants stand and add more decorative touch to your garden.

About Plant Stands For Balcony India.

Gardendeco’s Plant Stands for Balcony India is perfect for your balcony. Having a garden in your balcony or yard gives an elegant look to your home, and it denotes a sense of luxury and pride today. Residential spaces these days are investing a considerable amount in developing the garden areas in their lobbies.

To create ideal garden accessories and planters are the main requirements. New age pot stands add a breath of newness and life to your environment.

The excellent stands are here to help you grandstand your plants more than ever. Generally made out of metal with a covering on top, you can use them either inside or outside.

Buy pot stand for balcony

You can buy this pot stand and plant stand for your balcony and can start growing plants and herbs directly in it as it comes with coir liner.
Garden deco made covered almost all variety, whether hanging plant stands on a wall, a little railing stand or having a huge stand in your garden. Coir liner retains water for a longer time. It’s very beneficial for the better growth of the plant. But if you do not want coir liner, click here to purchase pot holder only from garden decor.




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