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Garden Deco Metal Plant Stand With Wheels


  • Designer Strong Plant Stand With Wheels.
  • Color: Black
  • Pot with Flowers is not included in this package.


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Plant stand with wheels

Garden Deco is a brand that takes care of all of your gardening requirements. Metal plant stand with wheels is available in different varieties. This stand helps you to keep your planter up from the surface. Hence, it protects your tiles or floor surface. Place this designer metal pot stand at the entrance of your room or hall etc to give an eye-catching and elegant look. Because this stand is designed with strong metal. It also include wheels that allow you to move your planter and pots from one place to another.

Every garden lover likes to present their planters gracefully. But when you add soil in big size ceramic and terracotta pots, it becomes difficult to move. These pots may beautify your garden, but the maintenance of these pots becomes difficult. It is difficult to move these pots from one place to another, so cleaning becomes difficult to process while handling these bigger pots.

Gardendeco designed strongly constructed plant stand with wheels to help you out in maintaining the pots. As the stand comes with wheels, they can be moved easily with minimal effort. You can keep the pots on this so that the floor remains clean and tidy.

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Buy Plant stand with wheels

The Wheels planter stand is made of heavy-duty galvanized metal. It helps your clear your garden path, and you can easily change the location of your pot if you want to change the appearance of your garden. These movable plant stand raises the plant and protects the floor from moisture and scratches. Plant stand on wheels makes moving large plant pots easier.

These plant stand with wheels are low enough not to disturb the look you have envisioned for your driveway or terrace garden. You must buy these stands to present your plants more gracefully. After all, you spent a lot of time to grow your plants.

Garden Accessories Online provide these stands in different sizes so you can select as per the size of your planters. If you are looking for another type of products then can visit our online garden shop and can place an order with just one mouse click that can fit in your garden.

Why should you order Rolling Plant Stand ?

  • The biggest advantage of these plant stand is the selection of materials, thickened and thick load-bearing steel pipes, hard to deform and collapse.
  • Plant stand with wheel or rolling plant stand treated with superb welding technology to ensure that it carry more weight and durability.
  • Gardendeco’s Rolling Plant Stand customized steering industrial durable wheels.
  • This planter stand holder can be widely used indoor and outdoor for moving garden pots, heavy plants, large potted trees, large vases, whiskey barrels or heavy trash cans. So, Plant Stand with wheels also hold heavy printers, kitchen mixers, mixing bowls etc.

Different Sizes Of these Stands

  • 11 Inch, 14 Inch, 17 Inch

11 inch and 14 inch stand comes with 5 wheels and 17 inch pot stand comes with 6 wheels. You can select the plant stand as per the size of your planter. Because these stands are very easy to move. We provide variety in size and designs that allows you make best selection.

Perfect Application in Your Life, Make Your Life Simple.

  • Lightweight but strong.
  • Move plants from a place to under sunshine place very easily.
  • Indoor or outdoor switching easily.
  • Move Planter with the help of wheels and clear your space.
  • It helps you to maintaining the pots, which is difficult to move.
  • Stand with Wheels are Suitable for heavier pot up to 40-50 kg.
  • Keep in mind our 11 inch and 14-inch stand comes with 5 Wheels While 17-inch plant stand comes with 6 Wheels, Therefore, all are strongly constructed.
  • Design with Strong metal, you don’t have to worry about it not supporting the weight of your plant.

Buy Best Quality plant stand with wheels

We provide heavy duty and best quality plant stand with wheels. Because, these stands are suitable for heavier pot upto 40-50 kg.  Even large planters can be easy to move if you put them on wheels. You can easily change location of planters easily either for cleaning or you want to move it outdoor for more sun. Click Here For More Products – Wall troughs, Money Plant Support, Gothic hanging baskets, Wall mounted trough planter, Coir pole for climbing plants and Wall trough planter.


11 Inch, 14 Inch, 17 Inch


Set Of 1, Set Of 2


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