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Garden Deco Plant Stand Online


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Plant stand online

If you are looking to purchase plant stand online, then you are in the right place. This plant stand will give you ease to move your planter easily from one place to another. Having a garden in your gallery or patio is a luxury today. With shrinking sizes of private spaces nowadays, the proper selection of products allows you to create a beautiful garden.

  • Sturdy & Strong Construction. Dia: 11 Inch or 27.5 cm , Color: Black
  • Size: Length – 27.5 cm, Width – 27.5 cm and Height 6.5 cm.
  • Perfect For Moving Plant Pots Easily.
  • Suitable For Outdoor And Indoor.
  • Rust And Weather Proof Coating.
  • Strong Plastic Wheels.

Garden deco plant stand constructed with strong metal so you can easily put heavy planters on it. It finishes with a weatherproof coating that increases its life.

Buy plant stand online at affordable price

You can buy plant stand online at an affordable price from Garden Deco store. You can protect your expensive floor by lifting your planters up by adding these stands in your garden collection. Any time you can change the look of your garden by doing variation in your planter placement as this stand wheels give you that ease to move your planters freely.

Why Pot Stands

For the dedicated gardener who spends his lot of time to care of plants knows very well the importance of pot stands. But, a pot stand helps you showcase your plants and also add more grace to your planters. It is very refreshing because, when you cultivated the seeds and watched them sprout and grow vibrant green leaves and delicate flowers. Showcase planters on plant stand give more smoothening experience to gardener and visitors also.

Give your planters that attention that they deserve. After that, you have spent caring, pruning, watering, and arranging those plants.

Best Plant Stands Online

You know the importance of your plants very well, that is why you are right here on this page. You can get a wide variety of plant stands online with just a single music click. Then you can keep your plants well organised and move freely from one place to another for cleaning and garden creativity purpose. For More Stands Click Here – planter holder, pot stand for balcony, garden pot stands, flower pot stand, hanging plant stand and our latest Golden Plant Stand.

Find Wide Range of Garden Decor Pots & Planter Stands Online

At, you will find a unique and affordable range of planters and pots online. Select from a wide range of Plant stand Online, flower pots, garden pot Stands, balcony railing planters and planter stands online at our Online Garden Store Gardendeco. In other words you can also find decorative pots, metal planters, and designer flower pot stands, including hanging planters with just one mouse click. Because, we have a lot of variety of shades in planters holders. Choose all the products like stands and pots according to your choice with your balcony area or home wall design. On, you can choose from a wide range of Garden accessories online that decorate your home exterior.

Shop for Wide Range of Plant Stand Online at

Planters makes your garden beautiful as well as it is very soothing to your eyes. They give a vibe of newness when you’re back home after work. Invest some time to scroll our collection and purchase unique plant Stand Online only on

In conclusion, You will be amazed by looking at our exciting prices of our planter holder and plant stands. Utilize these to create an attractive and welcoming garden in any space.


You can buy plant stand online from Garden Decor Online India store with just mouse click. Wide variety of sizes and designs available in our store. So, You can choose a stand that can perfectly fit in your budget and garden.

Yes. Our metal stand constructed with strong metal. It can easily hold heavy pots also.

Yes, you can either use these stands indoor or outdoor. Finishing of these stands is done with a weatherproof coating.

This stand available in 11 inches only. If you want to purchase a bigger plant stand, you can check our another design stand from this link.




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