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Marigold Seeds

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  • Easy to grow seed bombs.
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Whenever we go at the temple we usually carry some flowers along to present in the holiness of the God. Or, if a talk about any wedding hall or decoration, most of the times say 70% decorations are done with the flowers. And if i talk about the beautification of the garden, it comes with the flowers indeed. Yes, and the most commonly used flower is Marigold. Marigold is a miracle flower as It has aesthetic, medicinal value and even ornamental value. We can find this marigold nearly in every Garden we see and it has a great commercial value because they are sold at the good rates in the loose form as well.

Broadly marigold comes in two varieties, French marigold and African marigold. French marigold and smaller in size as compared to that of the African marigold and they are lighter in shade as well.

Let’s talk about the process of sowing the marigold seeds.

I recommend to take the seed bomb of the marigold. Seed bomb is actually a seed which is covered with the mixture of soil and cow dung. it provides nutrition to the seed and helps in encouragement of its germination by direct feeding the embryo of the seed. It also prevents the seed from becoming dormant. Seed bomb are reliable source of the seed as it gives the good results of germination.

Marigold can be cultivated in wide variety of soil that is from loamy to sandy loam soil with pH ranging from 7-7.5. Marigold crop can be cultivated throughout the year. Avoid doing it in the extreme hot and cold climate. Take the seed bomb and sow it in the mixture of coco peat soil and vermi compost in the ratio of 1:1:1. Do not forget to water the soil after sowing of the seed bomb.

Watering should be done according to the weather conditions. if i talk about the summers, the marigold need watering more frequently as that of the winter due to the higher transpiration rates. Try to give water in the early morning hours as these are considered as the happy hours for the plants to receive water and in return they gives the higher productivity.

They must be plucked once they attain their full bloom.  Dead heads that is dead flowers should be removed from the plants. They consume lots of energy of the plant in the formation of the seeds. It should be done once the flower has wilted.

Care of the plant.

Marigold is an insect repellent so hardly any insect attack is there. But do take care of the nutrition requirement of the plant. Add some vermi compost at the time the sowing and flowering. Take care of the watering as well because they are sensitive towards water logging and water stress. Do regular dead heading.  Prune all the dead parts of the plant. Keep the plant where a decent amount of sun light reaches in the home or garden. Chose a pot which is of diameter 10 inches with drainage hole underneath. If the marigold plant is effected by the fungus that is plant starts rotting you can use the stale butter milk and spray over the plant to prevent it from rotting.

Uses of the Marigold Seeds

Insect repellent: – In summers people are often troubled by mosquitoes. Mosquitoes spread many infectious diseases like itching, malaria etc. To avoid this, people make use of insecticides sprays, ointment, coil etc. To get rid of these mosquitoes, you can grow some Marigolds at home. Because mosquito do not like the fragrance of the marigold so they remain away from the smell of marigold flowers. So keep mosquitoes away, you can grow them in the porch or garden. Most people like to plant them near vegetables because it keeps many other insects away as well. It is a repellent for the termites as well.

Marigold oil: –

Marigold oil is known as Calendula oil which is a extracted from the marigold flowers. It is anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial in nature. This oil helps in preventing your skin related problems like dull skin, premature ageing and wrinkles. It makes skin brighter and protects it from blemishes.

Pollination Zone: – You should always plant marigold flowers around your fields or somewhere where there is a fruiting tree because it attracts the honey bees and it acts as the pollination zone for that particular area.

Marigold Tea: – Marigold tea prevents cardio vascular problems. it is anti-cancerous and prevents the human from the cardio, lung and skin cancer. Highly recommended to the people who suffer from leukaemia and those who are anaemia patients. It helps in the detoxification of lungs.  As it is anti-inflammatory so it helps in the reduction of swelling of the joints and arthritis. It makes sues to keep the eyes healthy and infection free. As it has some anti-fungal properties it keeps the scale away from any kind of infection if we use it on the hair after shampoo.

Note: – If you want to buy the marigold seed bomb, here i have posted the link below.