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Buy GARDEN DECO Lady Finger Seeds (Okra Seeds)

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Lady finger Seeds

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  • Easy to grow seed bombs.
  • Perfect for gifting on different occasions.

What is Lady finger Seeds bomb?

Okra Seed bomb is actually a seed which is covered with the mixture of soil and cow dung. It provides nutrition to the seed and helps to encourages its germination by direct feeding the embryo of the seed.

Okra flowers are creamy yellow in color. Fruit is classified as pentagon shaped capsule up to 8 inches long. Leaves are course textured. Stems are red in color that adds pop of color when your okra begins to produce. Okra is rich in Vitamin A, B, C, calcium and many minerals.

Health benefits of lady finger

It is eaten as raw and in boiled form in order to prepare soups. Okra leaves is also useful and also eaten as a vegetable.

Lose your body weight: Okra helps to maintain your body weight. It is full of fibers and low in calories. Regular drinking of okra soup which is prepared by chop or grate the okra fruit.

Keeps the digestive system moving: It is high in volume. By eating okra daily, you get relief from the problem of constipation. It helps to keep the calorie count in body.

Helps to detoxify the body: If you are bloated, then includes okra in your diet. It will shed out excess water into your body.

Controls cholesterol level: It lowers the bad cholesterol in your system because it contains a substance called peptide. It helps for proper functioning of heart.

Helps to fight cancer: It is useful in fighting chronic particles with antioxidants which is responsible for causing cancer in body.

Assists pregnancy: It contains folate which aids conception. It helps you in getting pregnant and also maintaining it.

Some other health benefits of okra

Stabilize blood sugar level: It maintains the blood sugar level in the system and helps to cure diabetes because it is very low in the glycemic index.

Prevent kidney stone: Okra prevents kidney stones from forming in your body because it flushes out oxalates from the body.

Full of Vitamin C: It is helpful to fight against cold, cough, asthma and all respiratory diseases. Vitamin C helps to increase the healing power of the body.

Maintains healthy hair: It helps to make your hairs bouncy and shiny.

Good for eyes and brain: Okra boosts the brain capacity and improves the eyesight of the people.

How to grow okra (lady finger) from seed

Collect some okra seed bombs. It should be soaked for 12-15 hours before sowing for initiation of germination. Choose a pot of at least 18-20 inches in diameter and 10-15 inches deep. Add 60% garden soil and 40% organic compost in this pot. Keep 5-6-inch gap between two seeds and planted multiple seeds in the same pot. It requires 5-6 hours of direct sunlight. Watering should be done immediately after sowing. Okra loves plenty of moisture, so make sure the soil is kept moist. After 30-35 days okra plants will produce beautiful yellow blooms and produce fruits after 5 days of blooming. Crop should be ready after 45-50 days of sowing.

Tips to grow lots of okra

Location: Choose a location that receives full sun with 12-16 hours of daylight in summer because okra loves hot weather.

Fertilization:  Add organic manure such as poultry manure and farm yard manure etc. into the soil before sowing of seeds as it gives good yield.

Watering: Okra can occasionally withstand a dry spell however in order to get a lot of vegetables from okra plants, you should keep the soil moist at all times. How much water you should be add to your okra plant depends upon several factors such as kind of soil, temperature and many more.

Picking: Picking must be done when okra fruit is tender. Avoid premature or overmatured picking of okra. Over ripening makes the fruit woody in nature. You can start picking when okra is about two and a half inches long.

Aphids and ants: Cluster of aphid attacks on okra plant and suck the cell sap from the plant parts. To manage this pest, mix one tablespoon of neem oil and one tablespoon of castle soup into one gallon of water and spray this on your okra plant once a week to get a rid of this problem.

Pruning: To receive more sunlight, you can prune some of the leaves that are present at the bottom or inside the plant which makes the plant bushy.