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Planter with Assorted Seeds and Garden Deco 8 Inch Coir Hanging Baskets (8 Inch 3 Baskets + 6 Seeds + Hippo Planter)


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Hippo and 8Inch Coir Baskets

This combo includes Hippo and 8inch coir hanging baskets, 6 seed bombs and a cute hippo planter. Coir hanging planters comes with coir pots and black metal baskets with chain. This product dimensions are Length: 20cm, Width: 20cm and Height: 12cm. It is made from bio-degradable coco fibers and UV stabilized metal which is durable in nature. Eco-friendly planters are easy to install and give your home a makeover. Due to having organic features and light in weight these baskets can hang on the gardening premises in an attractive manner. So coco coir helps to retain the water in soil which in turn, keeps the plants fresh and healthy.

This single hook hanging pots is suitable for ample of places in home like garden, window, grill, balcony and terrace etc. Not only just a flowering plant but we can also grow vines, strawberries or other small ornamental plants in it to add style, beauty and color to the garden. Next comes the seed bombs for instance marigold, tulsi, tomato, okra, sunflower and brinjal. Seed bomb is prepared by coating the seed with the mixture of cow dung and soil. It fulfills its nutritional requirement and enhances its germination by direct feeding the embryo of the seed. They all are vary in nutritional content, time of sowing, flowering and fruiting and texture of leaves.

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Next one is sky blue polyresin animal planter. It is loved for its unique shape and size. This hippo cartoon planter is modern in design. Dimensions of this cute planter are Length: 10.5cm, Width: 8cm, Height: 12cm. So it comes with a drainage hole underneath for the removal of excess water through soil. Because it ensures durability and longevity. But it is ideal for both real and artificial indoor and outdoor plants. Place this exotic planter in your home balcony, table top, office desk and anywhere as a d├ęcor.