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Garden Deco 14 Inch Gothic Garden Hanging Basket


  • 14 Inch¬† Black Coir Hanging Basket.
  • Plants and Flowers are not included in the package.
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Garden Hanging Basket/Gothic hanging Basket

Gardendeco takes care of all of your gardening requirements with our Garden . This Online Garden Store garden hanging basket enhances the appearance of your garden.  We have a huge collection of coir hanging basket that gives you a variety to select basket as per your choice and gardening space. Our collection allows you to design your garden as per your requirements.

These hanging baskets are particularly designed with a rust-proof coating that increases its life. Our baskets also include Eco-friendly Coco liner. These coco liners are made from coir fiber blended with natural rubber. Plants grow faster and healthily in coir garden hanging basket. Coir pole for climbing plants and Coir hanging baskets are Less weight that makes them perfect for internal gardening. These liners are easily bio-degradable. It provides high water retention when used along with coco peat. Coir Liner used in these coir hanging baskets retains moisture for a longer period and hence the plants need watering less frequently. It allows better aeration for the roots and is suitable for plants that have to be transplanted.

You can use these hanging baskets to decorate your balcony and terrace garden. These baskets can be used both indoor and outdoor.

Size & Product Description

  • Size : 14 Inch Dia.
  • Color: Black.
  • Finishing is done with Weather Proof Coating for Longer Life.
  • Coated Matching Chain.
  • Strong and Sturdy Coir Hanging Basket.
  • Lined with Eco-Friendly Coir Liner.
  • Plants and Flowers are not included in this package.

Buy Garden Hanging Basket

These nice quality designer garden hanging basket will help you to convert dream garden into a reality. Our hanging baskets are specially designed for making your dream garden. Our baskets come with eco-friendly coco liners so that you can start gardening right away. You can find a wide variety of garden hanging baskets from our store that give you the freedom to create a whimsically personal decorative hanging garden. Whether it is a patio, balcony or even your kitchen, our baskets are sure to catch the attention of your visitor.

You must buy coco peat from our store for these hanging baskets. Cocopeat has a high water holding capacity. Coco peat also promotes healthy root growth that acts as a soil conditioner.

If you are looking for other garden items online, you can scroll our product from our online store to fit in your garden.

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