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Garden Deco Flower Pot Stand


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Flower Pot Stand

This garden flower pot stand is available with a cone design basket that makes your garden more attractive and beautiful. If decoration is your passion then flowers is a very nice way of decorating your home, your birthday party room, your marriage hall. Flowers are nice looks or smells and they make you happier in just one look. It is too easy to take care of your flower pots or flower pot stands because you can simply take them out in the garden and hang them on the walls of your house or your terrace and balcony also.

  • Strong and Sturdy Construction.
  • Weather Proof Coating and Longer Life
  • 8 Inch Metal Stand Dimension:20 X 20 X 42cm and Cone Basket Dia: 10 Inch. Please allow 1 or 2 cm tolerance.
  • Cone Design Basket Line With Eco-Friendly Jute or Coco Liner.
  • Perfectly Designed To Beautify Your Home Garden, Balcony or Terrace Garden.

Plant stand for Flower Pot

Garden decor Online India have unique combination of plant stand for flower pot will surely make your garden different from others. Treat your plants like the royalty they are and put them up on a pedestal—literally. But vines that are cascading down from this cone baskets are refreshing for your eyes. Coir used in this metal basket is 100% organic. Coir holds water for a longer time and It’s also increases the grace if you place it at the entrance of your room.

In other words these flower pot stands will also look beautiful near the corner of your rooms. However you are planning to put this stand, it will surely enhance the look of your garden. This pot stand is designed to give your living space an aspect of design while not overcrowding your space or distracting attention from your plant life.

Similarly from floor-to-top it stands 42 cm tall. They make it great for lifting smaller plants from the floor to an elevated space for more light. It gave an eye-catching look when it placed at the entrance of your room. For More Stands Click here –  garden pot stands, pot stand for balcony.

What is Flower pot stands?

Flower pot stands is perfect for placing the pots in any corner of the house. It lift your planters and protect your floor from damage. Because it also helps you to organize your plants beautifully and gives you ease for cleaning.

Types of Flower pot stand ?

Above all flower pot stand that comes with cone basket. Apart from this, we have a wide variety of flower pot stands that you can select as per the size of your planter.

Pot caddies

You can use the pot caddies for heavy planters. It allows you to move your planters smooth and quickly from one location to another.

Hanging pot stand

If you have less garden space, hanging pot stand is a perfect option. You can fix it on your walls and club multiple planters in it. In this way, you can increase your gardening space.

Metal floor stands without wheels

It comes in different height, length, single and multiple tiers so you can choose as per your requirement. Because you can place single or various planters easily on it. Click here for Golden Metal Planter.

Buy Flower pot stand from Garden Deco

Give your plants that attention that they deserve. You can buy wide varieties of flower pot stand from Garden Deco store. These flower pot stands are perfect for placing the pots in any corner of the house without affecting the furniture and without the constant fear. if you place them on the floor. Flower pot arrangement will looks better if there is a pattern, A certain metal skeleton to support all the flower pots. You can easily find these flower pot stands in the market stores and even on the Internet, in the online stores likes our. Flower pot stand is not expensive and you can be so lucky as to find extremely inspired models by gardendeco. You can make them yourself if you are good at it and have the necessary means,  All these products are only one click away from you.


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