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Echeveria lipstick Plant | Echeveria Agavoides | Echeveria lipstic for sale | Artificial Plant Without Planter


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Echeveria lipstick

Echeveria lipstick is an artificial succulent. It is a desert plant. The leaves are thick in size as the desert plants needs to store food in the leaves. It is available in two colors with combination of light and green shady leaves with contrasting crimson leaf tips. It looks like a whorl of flower. Leaves are spindle in shape with pointed ends and are arranged in an alternative trend. Plant is made with an ecofriendly plastic. The material used in this product is of high quality which will not get faded or wrinkled. You can easily clean it with water. It allows you to enjoy all its beauty without the hassles of pruning, watering and maintaining. You will not find it artificial unless you touch it. It looks more realistic and perfect to display in your home, office and at any other place.

Product Dimensions of Echeveria lipstick Plant

Length = 13 cm

Width = 11 cm

Shape = It is popular rosette shaped soft succulent.

Note: Artificial Plant Without Planter.


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