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Concrete pot | Rustic grey concrete planter | Grey concrete pot


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Concrete pot

Rustic grey concrete pot is a textured planter that comes with a unique shape and size.  Design of this pot is classic. The material used in this product is of high quality which will not get faded or discolored. Wipe out it with a soft cloth and handle it with firm hands. It gives a perfect look to display in your room, office and at any other place. This concrete pots has a matte finish which makes them stand out.

Concrete planter provides dual benefits of luxury and durability. The thick walls and concrete material offer insulation from temperature fluctuations thereby protecting roots of the plant. This planter is a perfect piece to display succulent plant or any other small plant which can add beauty to any centerpiece, table setting or office desks.

Product Dimensions of Rustic grey Concrete pot

Product Dimensions

Length= 6.5 cm

Width = 6.5 cm

Height = 5.5 cm


Set of 1, Set of 2