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Garden Deco Coir Hanging Baskets


  •  Black Coir Hanging Basket.
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Coir Hanging Baskets

Turn your wonderful dream garden into reality with our beautiful coir hanging baskets. Our hanging baskets made beautifully handcrafted with strong metal and finished with a rust-resistant coating. These hanging baskets come with coco liners so that you can start gardening right away. Our range of shapes and sizes give you the freedom to create a whimsically personal hanging garden. Whether it is a balcony, a porch, a patio or even your kitchen, our baskets are sure to make heads turn, literally. Coir hanging baskets are a better alternative compared to plastic or earthen pots. It is lightweight and easy to handle. Coir products are made from coir fibre blended with natural rubber, making them very flexible and has high strength. Coir baskets can be used with foliage plants and natural hanging flowering, both for indoor & outdoor. These baskets give homes and offices an elegant look.

Eco friendly moulded coir in a metal frame, suitable for the growth of plants, especially orchids.

Hanging baskets are great for giving the illusion of bringing down the height of very tall spaces and making a nice visual impact. A large basket holds more soil and, therefore, holds more moisture for a longer period of time. It also retains more nutrients, which benefit the plants within the basket. The wireframe of these baskets is strong, and it also includes a strong chain that will support a wide variety of plants.

Benefits Of Liner In Coir Hanging Baskets

  • The liner used in these coir hanging baskets is made from coco fibre which is blended with natural rubber. Coir products are 100% biodegradable. It can be used in nurseries and vines and also suitable for home and commercial gardening.
  • When any plants grow in Coco liner, then it preserves roots from breaking and develops many tiny roots throughout the wall. When the roots reach the outer edge of the wall, they stop growing out and continue to grow inside the coir liner.
    • These baskets are Less weight and make them suitable for indoor gardening.
    • Plants grow healthily in coir products.
    • Coir mould retains moisture for a longer period, and hence the plants need watering less frequently. Hence liner act as organic nutrition to the plant.
    • Growing plants in a Coco liner is environment-friendly
    • These moulded rubberized Coir Fibre basket widely used in balcony & terrace garden.

100% Biodegradable: Once the liner has reached at the end of their useful life. So, they can be completely tossed into the compost pile and eventually returned to the garden as fertilizer.

Coir Products Buy Online from Garden deco

If you are looking for more coir products, you can buy online from garden deco with one mouse click.

Designer Coir Hanging Baskets Collection Buy Online from Garden deco

Below is the list of some plants and vegetables that you can grow in coir hanging baskets.

English Ivy

English Ivy is a beautiful indoor hanging plant. You can grow it in your balcony hanging pots, letting them cascade over the sides. It adds more grace in your garden.

Money Plant

Money Plant requires less care and water and very easy to grow in hanging baskets. It looks elegant when its vines fall from hanging baskets. Give direction to these vines so that it can grow in a direction where you want. Take care your Money plant with a Plant trellises and Coco pole plant support.

Arrowhead Plant

Arrowhead Plant also perfect for hanging pots. The leaves of this plant have an arrowhead shape, and the plant will grow into a vine. This plant type mainly grows in humid conditions and comes in different shades like green, pink and burgundy. It is perfect for your lawn, balcony or terrace garden.

Other Coir Hanging Baskets Collection

Cherry Tomatoes

 Who doesn’t love cherry tomatoes fresh out of the garden? They are easy to grow in hanging baskets. It cascading out of a hanging pot looks very refreshing to your eyes.

Spider Plant

Spider Plant also very easy to grow in hanging baskets. These plants purify the air in your home.These plants do not require much care.


Spinach can be grown easily in hanging baskets. Grow it in your mini garden and enjoy the fresh spinach directly from your garden.You can also grow more varieties of plants and veggies in coir baskets.

Buy Coir Hanging Baskets Collection from Garden deco

GardenDeco provide you with a wide variety of designer coir hanging baskets. Size of these coir hanging baskets starts from 8 inches to 14 inches. You can choose the right hanging basket as per your garden’s size and buy online from best garden accessories online i.e garden deco. If your garden size is bigger, then you can go for 14 inch hanging baskets. But if your balcony or garden size is smaller, then go for 8 inches or 10 inches baskets. Choose what’s perfect for your garden.

Various designs also let you create a beautiful and unique garden in your own way.

But if your balcony or garden size is smaller, then go for 8 inches or 10 inches baskets. Choose what’s perfect for your garden.



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