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Garden Deco Coco Pole Plant Support With PVC Spike


Coco Pole plant Support for your growing plants.

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Coco Pole Plant Support

Our Garden Accessories online Store is a brand that takes care of all of your gardening requirements. We can provide the best quality Coco pole plant support with a PVC spike. These plant stakes made from coarse coconut fiber with a PVC spike. Because these coconut plant stakes give sturdy support to your plants. Some plants need some support to grow like Money plant. These coir sticks help plants to grow properly.

Coco pole plant support is a plant growing aid made from 100% eco-friendly and biodegradable coconut fibres. It is one of the best organic support that helps to grow plants faster. Garden Decor provides you coco pole plant support in 5 sizes from 1 Foot to 5 Feet. Coco poles are made using Coir Fiber that is wrapped around a Pvc stick and at the bottom. Coir poles are eco-friendly and hold moisture for a long time.
Material: Coir with PVC pipe & bottom PVC spike

Color: Brown

Dimensions of support for money plant pole

Coir Sticks are available in different lengths, diameters and in customized sizes to suit the customer specification. Coco pole plant support is the best support for money plant. Check all the diameter, length and sizes –

  • 1 FT (30 cm) with Approx 25cm Fibre coverage
  • 2 FT (60 cm) with Approx 50cm Fibre coverage
  • 3 FT (90 cm) with Approx 75cm Fibre coverage
  • 4 FT (120 CM) with Approx 95cm Fibre coverage
  • 5 FT (150 CM) with Approx 120cm Fibre coverage

It is essential to give the best support to your plants so that they can grow properly. So you have some questions in your mind like below:

What is Coco Pole?

The second name of Coco plant support pole is coconut plant stake. 100% organic, and Eco-friendly coco fibre wrapped around Pvc tube or stick. It is a supporting pole for potted plant creepers and vines to grow indoor and outdoor gardens.

Why Coco Pole Plant Support Required?

There are a wide variety of plants around us. Few plants have a robust stem system that requires no support to grow as these plants stand by itself. But there is another kind of plants that needs some help to grow, therefore it is Climbers. Since they have a soft stem, they need some support to stand. For those plants which require support, here is a useful product called Coconut plant stake.

Benefits of Coconut Pole or Coconut Plant Stakes

Coconut plant stakes provide the best support for your Money plant. Because coir poles are used for growing small climbers and as support for small flowering plants.  Coir fibre observes water, so plants are always cool. In other words, coconut plant stakes provide support by Fast growth of plants vertically.

Environmental friendly

Coir Stick outstanding support to growing creepers and climbing plants. Being natural, bio-degradable, and retaining moisture, they are the perfect supporting indoor and outdoor creepers and plants that send aerial roots, such as Philodendrons, Syngoniums and Monsteras.

Better water retention & Helps root penetration

These coir poles help the plant to develop many tiny roots throughout the surface as these poles are permeable. Similarly it has a high water-holding capacity ensures the plant grow stronger.

By watering and misting the coir pole regularly, the aerial roots can collect water and nutrients. Because it’s terrestrial roots, and aerial roots entirely focused on helping the plant grow. This results in the plant growing much more vigorously.

Use Coco pole plant support for money plant

Coir stakes support faster growth in plants which has branch roots when growing vertically like Money Plant (Oxygen producing plant).

So now, you got some idea why coir stake is essential for your plant growth. Garden Deco has introduced Coir  Stake made using fibre pipe, wooden stake and coir. The pipe is wrapped with a layer of coir on it, which helps the plants grow and spread freely. Wooden spike is attached at the bottom of this pole. It is very easy to install. Just push the bottom of a wooden spike in the centre of the pot and spread the vine on it. Therefore, the plants get the support and grow well.

Money Plant Support With Coco Pole Plant Support for money plant

Coir sticks are widely used as a money plant support. Usually, money plants need less care to grow—coconut plant stake made by wrapping fibre with a tube, and it is outstanding money plant support. Money plant-like humidity environment to grow. It grows well in moderate to high humidity. Tie the stems of money plant to stakes as it grows up.

Coco pole plant support is the best support for money plant.  It is also perfect for climbing plants and creepers which have aerial roots like Philodendrons, Scindapsus, Rhaphidophoras, Monsteras, pothos, Syngonium, Peace Lily, and Alocasia. The coir stick’s high moisture holding capacity enables the plant’s roots to grip natural organic mattress of coir fibre. For more products Click Here – shepherd hook, coir pole for climbing plants, garden hanging basket.


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