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Garden Deco Coco Peats Bricks


100% Organic Coco Peat/ Coco Pith.

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Coco Peats

As a growing medium, coco peat is also known as coir fibre pith, coir dust, coco peats and coir pith. Garden Decor is a brand that takes care of all of your gardening requirements. We can provide the best quality coco peats. Coco pith has a high water holding capacity. It is 100% Organic and promotes strong root growth.

Coco peat is made using a natural fibre that is extracted from the husk of a coconut. But the coir dust is washed, heat-treated, machine dried, sieved and made free from sand. It is an ideal growing medium for the plant crops as it holds water for a longer time. Because coir pith also provides suitable aeration and antifungal benefits. So, It can be used in greenhouses and horticulture as a substitute for potting soil.

Compressed Coir brick

Coco peat brick is the ideal and handy retail pack for gardening. When you soak this block and brick in water, then it expands.  It is easy to carry as it is in compressed form. Approx 5kg block can expand up to 70-75 Ltr. So you can easily convert coco peat block into powder. Put this block in any container and then add sufficient water to the brick. You have to soak the coir pith block in water for some minutes. After some minutes you can easily break the block into powder. You can add fertilizer and compost to increase its nutrients.

Coir Pith Or Coco Peat Online For Gardening

If you are looking to purchase the best quality coco peat online, then you are in the right place. We provide Low EC coco peat that is suitable for gardening.  Our coco peat is renowned for its pure quality, long shelf life and natural appearance. Coco peat is a natural conditioner for your growing plants and flowers. If gardening is your hobby and you spend a lot of time gardening, you must use coir pith for your plants. Our Online Garden Store provide coco peat in 4.5 kg- 5kg compressed brick form. To convert it into powder form,  you have to soak it in required water before use. Because coco peat retains nutrients, So it enables healthy root growth.

Benefits of Coco Peat/Coco Peats or Coir Pith

  • High water holding capacity.
  • Coir pith is very light in weight.
  • Coir pith also has good aeration/ drainage.
  • Less shrinkage.
  • Soil conditioner for planting bed.
  • Coir pith is a natural and renewable resource
  • 100% Organic.
  • Coco peat also promotes healthy root growth.
  • No pests, diseases, or weeds.
  • Coir pith increases the shelf life of the plant.
  • Coco soil retains physical properties for a longer time.
  • It holds water for a longer time, so it reduces watering frequency without plant stress. Therefore it also reduces labour costs.

It absorbs water readily and re-wets easily.

Uses Of Coco Peat/Coco Peats

  • Vegetable gardens
  • In Greenhouse
  • Flower gardens
  • Lawn and golf courses
  • It is a reusable medium.
  • Potting mixes
  • It is used in indoor and outdoor home gardening. We can easily solve the issue of soil hardening and waterlogging with the use of coco peat, mix 30% cocopeat soil with regular soil.
  • Mushroom Farming
  • Nursery and garden centre professionals
  • Bedding plants
  • Seedling nurseries
  • Hydroponics growing media.

Cocopeat help in germination process as it provides a suitable climate for root development. You can plant the cutting or seedlings directly into coco soil for better results. You can also mix it with soil in ratio 30-70%. In tissue culture, the plantlets can be directly grown in coco soil. In the grafting process, coco soil itself can be pasted over the joint to obtain excellent results.

Types of Coco Peats

Low EC Coir Pith

Low Ec coir pith is use as Growing mediums. Coco peat has proven itself one of the best growing mediums over the years with a massive success by superseding other growing medium. Now, Coco peat is a one of the most sorted and versatile growing medium that can use any variety of plant both in floriculture and agriculture.

The massive success of Coco peat for the growing medium can be mainly due to its easy to use nature. Even a user who uses it the first time can yield the best harvest without facing any problem when an effortless set of instructions are followed pertaining to pre-planting & watering.

The coco peat itself is a 100% organic substance and free from any harmful substance. But the extraction process of Coco peat does not harm the environment as compared to other growing mediums. Coco peat is entirely organic so disposing of pith and after usage does not harm the soil composition. It is entirely eco friendly.

  • Potting mix suppliers
  • Nursery and Garden centre professionals
  • Horticulture and Floriculture applications
  • Seedling Nurseries
  • Lawn and Golf course constructors
  • Home Gardening and for landscaping use

High EC Coco Peats

High Ec coco peats mainly used as worms and animal bedding. Coco animal bedding is use for floor layer for animal sheds as it has moisture-absorbing qualities, and it also gives soft and comfortable bed cushioning effects. These bedding are easy to lay and easy to remove and is free from fine dust particles. Our Materials are screened, vacuumed materials without fine dust/additives. Because it is sterilized material and free from molds and pathogens with no foul odour.

Above all the types of coco peats and the selection of the right coco peat as per its use is essential.

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Frequently Asked Question Answers

Yes, coco peat is best from all other growing mediums.  Coco peat has a high water holding capacity. It keeps the soil loose and airy that help in better root growth. Because better root growth results in better plant growth and higher yield. 

Cocopeat is very easy to make at home. Cocopeat is 100% organic and eco-friendly and a fantastic growth medium.

 Steps for making cocopeat at home:

  1. Collect the coconut husks in a clean area and wash them.
  2. Pull out its fibres using plier and dry them. Then chop its fibres into small pieces with a sharp cutter. After all, grind them into a powder.
  3. With the help of sieve, remove the fibres from powder.
  4. After all wash the peat with water to remove excess salt.
  5. Soak the peat in water for an hour.
  6. Dry it in direct sunlight for a day.
  7. Then you can add compost in it and can fill it in your basket or pot.
  8. You can also make compost at home with kitchen scrap.

If you feel this process consuming your lot of time and energy, then you can purchase fine quality coco peat online directly from us with just one mouse click.


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