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Coco Mulch Mat | Garden Deco Coir Mat


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Coco Mulch Mat​

Coco Mulch mat also termed as coir tree rings can absorb and retain water up to 5 times its own weight. There is a handy slit in the disc that makes the disc lay nice and easy. You can enlarge the central hole easily if your plant needs a bit more space.

Product information

  • Size: 6, 8, 10, 12 Inch Dia
  • Material: Coir Fiber & Natural Rubber
  • 1 Set Contain: 20 PCs
  • Color: Natural
  • Category: Coir Products


  • Made with 100% natural coir fibre.
  • Prominently able to soak water five times more than its weight.
  • Keep a check to prevent plants from unwanted weeds.
  • It helps to slow down water loss from soil & maintain humidity.
  • Can be used in an open garden, garden planters & pots.
  • 100% biodegradable & chemical-free.
  • Can be mixed up in the soil or potting mix after the expiry of shelf life.
  • Air & water can pass through easily.
  • Super Affordable.

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A mulch mat disc can be made by jute, coir & any other natural fibre. A Coco mulch mat is a non-woven kind of hairy fabric that can be laid over the soil while planting a new plant. Coir mat is supportive to minimize water loss from soil & maintain humidity. It also suppresses weed growing. Coir mat can be used anywhere such as in flower pot, planter & in the open garden as well. Water can be poured into pot or planter from the top of the mulch mat.

Our Garden Deco’s coir mulch mats discs are a great way to protect your garden from weeds. We Garden Deco produce our coco mulch disc with 100% eco-friendly coconut fibre & these fibres are 100% biodegradable. Coir mulch is a renewable resource & harvesting of coir poses no threat to the environment.

This is non-hazardous & 100% chemical-free. The coir fibre is treated with natural rubber to make the mulch mat & as being 100% biodegradable, the coir mulch mat disc will be decomposed itself over time in pot soil easily & that will improve quality of the soil.

Coco mulches are widely used for landscaping where biodegradability is the prime focus. Coco mulches help to control harm-full ill weeds from growing that can harm the roots of the plant. It covers the top layer of potting mix & flatters the cleaner look.

As depicted in the image, Installation of mulch mat is also a hassle-free task, and you just need to prepare your ground by digging as you would generally do & lay your mulch mat over the soil; that’s it. The holes of the mulch mat disc can be adjusted according to requirement. If your plant demands a bit more space, you can enlarge the centre hole of the disc.


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10 Inch, 12 Inch, 6 Inch, 8 Inch


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