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Garden Deco Coco Husk Chips


100% Organic Coco Husk Chips

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Garden Deco is a brand that takes care of all of your gardening requirements. We provide the best quality coco husk chip. Plants grow healthily in coco peat. Coco Husk Chips widely used for Bedding plants, Flower gardens, rose production, orchid potting medium etc.

Coco husk chips protect the plants against the root based parasites and fungus. Wet coconut husk chips hold water and air like a sponge. It cuts down the fertilizer application up to 30%. It also promotes superior root growth.

The Chips can be mixed with potting medium to increase air porosity and water holding capacity of potting medium. We recommend soaking at least overnight to remove excess salts and tannins from the husk.




Expand up to 10 Ltr, Expand Up to 50 Ltr, Expand Upto 100 Ltr


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