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Brinjal Seed

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  • Easy to grow seed bombs.
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What is Brinjal Seed bomb

Brinjal Seed bomb is actually a seed which is covered with the mixture of soil and cow dung. It provides nutrition to the seed and helps to encourages its germination by direct feeding the embryo of the seed.

Brinjal is a perennial vegetable plant and it is also known as eggplant. There are number of varieties which are used throughout the world and they are included in cuisines in many different ways.  Brinjal seed is commonly called the king of vegetables. It is one of the most versatile and functional food. It is a perfect addition to soups, stews and sauces.

Nutritional value of egg plant

It contains vitamin and minerals. It is a rich source of Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin B6, thiamin, niacin, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, dietary fiber, folic acid, potassium and manganese. Brinjal Seed contains no cholesterol or saturated fat.

Health benefits of eggplant

Digestion: It is great source of dietary fiber which is a necessary element in any balanced diet. Fiber is essential for gastrointestinal health. It bucks up your bowel movements so that food passes more easily through the digestive tract while also stimulates peristatic motion. Finally, fiber stimulates the secretion of gastric juices that facilitates absorption of nutrients.

Weight loss: Since it contains no fat or cholesterol. It is a healthy food for people who are trying to lose weight. It reduces your appetite so the chances of over eating are greatly reduced.

Cancer prevention:  It is a great source of antioxidants which provides defense mechanism against a wide variety of diseases. It stimulates the production and activity of white blood cells that have exhibited inhibitory activity against free radicals.

Bone health: It is very good for those who are at high risk for bone degradation. Phenolic compounds have also been linked to reduction of osteoporosis, stronger bones and increased bone mineral density. It contains significant amount of iron and calcium which are integral to bone health and overall strength.

Anemia: Deficiency of iron and copper is very dangerous for overall health and it can manifest anemia which is characterized by headache, migraine, fatigue, weakness, depression and cognitive malfunction in the body.

Brain function: Eggplants are wonderful sources of phytonutrients which are known as booster for cognitive activity and general mental health. They are not only defending against free radical activity and keep your body and brain safe from toxins and diseases but also, they increasing blood flow to the brain. It stimulates neural pathways to develop, boost the powers of memory and analytical thought.

Some other Health benefits of brinjal seed

Cardiovascular health: They have been known to reduce the presence of bad cholesterol in the body and stimulate the uptake of good cholesterol. Bioflavonoids in eggplants are great for reducing blood pressure, which reduces the strain and stress on the cardiovascular system and ultimately improving the health and durability of your heart.

Diabetes management: Due to its high fiber content and low amounts of soluble carbohydrates, it is used as a regulator for glucose and insulin activity within the body.

Birth defect prevention: Folates are essential part of brinjal and is particularly beneficial for pregnant women. It also protects infants from neural tube defects.

How to grow brinjal from seed

Collect some brinjal seed bombs. Take a small pot with drainage holes at the bottom and fill it with the soil mix. Potting mix is prepared by adding 50% garden soil and 50% compost. It is grown in throughout the year in all seasons i.e. October, November, February-March and July. Sprinkle the seeds onto the surface of the soil mix. Now, separate the overlapped seeds to get better germination.

Cover the soil with same soil mix. Immediately water it with gentle shower and keep the pot in a sunny spot and make sure that the soil remains little moist at all the times. Transplant it once the plants have reached at least 4-6 inches in height. After 20-25 days of the transplanting, brinjal plants will start producing buds and flowers. During summers, add water every day and in winters, add water after 2-3 days. Fully developed and tender fruits are harvested at weekly interval in the peak season.

Tricks to grow lots of eggplant

Seed sowing: It grows best in warm conditions. Right time to plant seed is when the soil temperature is 20-30oC. You can either sow the seeds directly into the main container or seedling tray. Depth of the sowing should not be more than 5-10 mm.

Choosing the container: You can easily grow eggplant in 12-15 inches deep container. You can use good quality plastic pot, ceramic pot and clay pot. Make sure, drainage holes are present at the bottom of the pots.

Potting mix: Well drained soil is very important for proper root growth. A stronger root system will produce a healthier shoot and ultimately yields a better harvest. Good potting mix contains 40% garden soil, 40% coco-peat and 20% vermicompost.

pH of soil: Eggplant needs a slightly acidic soil of around 6-6.5 pH which is the ideal soil for most of the plants.

Staking: Once the plants begin to start growing, this is a good time to install stake or support to avoid the plant from falling over as they load up with fruits.

Sunlight: They need full direct sunlight of at least 6 hours for best results. Keep them in a spot where pollinator insects such as butterflies and honeybees visit frequently

Watering: Give brinjal a steady supply of moisture but do not let the soil get soggy. Lack of water results in premature dropping of fruits or low-quality fruits. Water it deeply and thoroughly.

Some other tricks to grow lots of brinjal from Seed

Fertilizer: Add handful of compost like decomposed cow dung or vermicompost once every 15 days. It supplies all the essential macro and micro nutrients to the plant.

Pest control: Brinjal Seed is occasionally affected by pests like flea beetle, mealy bug, aphid and white fly. Kill it by spraying neem oil once in 15 days.

Pinching & Pruning: Pinching the tops this will encourage more branching and makes the plant bushy and produces a better yield. You can regularly trim or prune the unhealthy and dry branches to keep it looking good which also encourages good air circulation and prevents fungal diseases.