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We are the one, who can give a better future to children; Mrs. Usha Luthra

Mrs. Usha Luthra Garden Story



Mrs. Usha Luthra Garden Story: Passion is an amazing emotion or we can say it as an oomph factor which can lead a person in any direction he wants. And when I think about this lady, Mrs. Usha Luthra, every positive though about passion seems to be true. She is spending her every single moment to fulfill her passion.

She is born and brought up in Jalandhar, and she is basically an educationist, an artist, an entrepreneur and she is also an urban farmer.

Mrs. Usha Luthra Garden Story
terrace Gardens


Mrs. Luthra said, “urban farming is new addition in my carrier”.

She has done Masters in English, masters in finance, masters in painting, masters in personnel management.

I mean wow! She is a wonder woman. So much keenness for learning the different things. And now, she is into this organic gardening which makes her even special.

She said that she is an artist and we believe that gardening is an art, which can only be done by an artist.

She said, when I was a kids there was a subject taught to us in the school regarding the agriculture skill, I was not with the agriculture background but I just love attending that lecture”.


In her childhood her mother used to grow certain herbs and vegetables at the roof top. She used to see it and pluck the vegetables and felt like so satisfied. So, the worm of gardening got stuck in her mind and when something gets embedded in the mind it has to be done. She learnt certain skills from the gardening classes given by her teachers in the school and she used to apply at her mother’s roof top garden.

When she started the gardening at her place she had 10 marla place where she used to grow all the vegetables.

Mrs. Usha Luthra Gardens 1
“My kids used to pluck the vegetables from that area and ate fresh. The happiness on their face was priceless. And eating the homely thing gave me much more satisfaction that my kids are eating healthy”.

Now, due to the construction the area got reduced say somewhere around 4 marlas is left. So, she shifted her entire vegetable garden on her rooftop.

She said it took her atleast of 4-5 years where she is standing today. It was not easy for her to start but now, she is enjoying every bit of gardening.

Mrs. Usha Luthra Gardens 2
She said, “If you have passion in your mind only then you can do the gardening otherwise it is difficult”.
“You need to take care of the plants like babies. You need to prepare the soil even before sowing the plant. So it need huge attention”.


We really believe that plants are certainly attention seekers. In her 4 marla area now she has grown almost all fruiting trees of Punjab like lemon, Mango, Sapota, Mulberry, Custard Apple, Malta. At the boundaries of her fruit garden she has grown the knol knol, Cabbage, cauliflower.

Her terrace is all green, she has grown all the vegetables like radish, carrot, spinach, fenugreek, turnip, cauliflower, cabbage, lettuce, coriander, cherry tomatoes, potatoes, chilies, eggplant.  

Not only this, but she has Pomegranate, Guava, Bottle brush, Moringa at her terrace.

Well now, it is not easy to grow the trees at the terrace. She has just done the splendid job. She told the secret behind the trees at the terrace. So she used all the waste tanks to make the big pots out of them.

She said, “initially I started in small tanks. They did not work well for me. Then I bought all the large sized water tanks and old bath tubs from the Junkman and did the sowing in it. Till now they are growing very well”.

As per her words, when she started doing gardening there was so much of insect attack in her garden. Earlier she used to do the gardening like others are doing. By this we mean use of chemicals and fertilizers.  

Terrace Gardening
Mrs. Usha Luthra Garden story store
At that time, there were many earthworms in my soil, but gradually they all faded away due to the use of chemicals.

Earlier there was a time when farmers used to do the organic farming and they did not use any chemical in their fields. And at that time the farmers were very satisfied and that was known as pure farming, the process was very simple just to use to cow dung, nowadays, as the chemical usage is increasing the patience and satisfaction level is decreasing. The Vicious circle started just to take a better produce the farmers started using so much of chemicals. When we use the word circle, it means again and again they are using so much of chemicals and exploiting the soil.

Mrs. Usha Luthra Garden Story

So i had a thought of shifting towards the organic farming. I did many experiments using the different organic things to get rid of the pests from my garden. finally, I got success when I discovered the organic pesticide.

The organic pesticide which she has prepared at the home is very much safe; one can even eat the fruit 5 minutes after spaying this organic pesticide.

Major thing about this pesticide is that it does not do any harm to the pollinators. That is a huge relief. This pesticide is very much effective on the mealy bugs, aphids, thrips and other problem creating insects. And most importantly, the earthworms have revived in the soil.

She said, “children nowadays must know where they will get the pizza, but they must not be knowing the source of ingredients like capsicums, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, oregano, parsley or others”.

She is really a great woman; she runs a store in where sell the organic products along with pesticides. So she wants the next generation to come in the gardening so that they can also eat healthy.

Garden Deco Team extend the heartiest thanks to Mrs. Usha Luthra for taking initiates for the organic gardening. For promoting the home gardening.