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What I sale is what I eat; Mrs. Sunita Anand

Mrs. Sunita Anand Garden Story

Mrs. Sunita Anand Garden Story: It’s very difficult to put the beauty of nature into words. We often find ourselves in gardens amongst nature when we feel the need to get away from the bustle of life. Mother Nature has a calming effect on our minds.

 Let me bring your attention to a very innovative nature lover, with a beautiful nursery to call her own, Sunita Anand.

The sole purpose of her starting this business is for her to be able to enjoy her passion and love for nature. She is a woman with deep love for nature. Mrs. Sunita Anand lives in Amritsar and is currently running a nursery, OrganiCore Boutique Garden.

Mrs. Sunita Anand
Mrs. Sunita Anand garden
She said, “I want to grow everything organically with no use of chemicals.”

She has engaged herself in sowing organic and desi seeds of fruits, vegetables, flowers, medicinal plants, herbs etc. But she’s dedicated to educating people about how desi and organic seeds are the best seeds for you to use.

Another point of interest for her is growing exotic species of plants. At present, she has so many plants which are in high demand nowadays by the customers. All in her adorable nursery that’s adorned with bright flowers and plants.

Some amazing plants she’s grown and is still growing more of are:

Cherry Tomatoes



Blue Pea Flowers






Bell Peppers

Neem Giloy


Hibiscus Flowers

She sells gardening accessories and essentials like seeds, saplings, plants, hanging baskets and planters. She motivates her customers to gift live plants to their relatives and friends on any special occasions. These are long lasting, unique presents.

She said, “People remember you every time they look at the live plants gifted to them by you”.

She organises wonderful seminars on organic farming. So she gives training to voluntary groups and organisations. But she trains them regarding how to fertilise soil, utilize kitchen waste and how to prepare bio enzymes and neem oil at home.

She said “Nature gifted us so many natural things and all humans have managed to do is give back pollution”.

She started her journey of gardening. When she moved to a house in a peaceful locality around a year and a half ago, after the first wave of Covid-19. In other words She’d been meditating for years, but only after shifting to this new house did she start meditating around nature, spreading peaceful vibrations all around.

After getting very health conscious, she started growing vegetables, flowers and medicinal plants at her house. Now, she is runs a popular boutique garden, which features an array of gorgeous plants.

She is highly inspired by Dr. Biswaroop Roy Choudhary, who uses only fruits and vegetables to cure diseases. When her son got infected by Covid-19. It was this doctor’s 3 Step Flu Diet that cured him in a single day without the consumption of any medicines.

A major problem that she faced at the time of setting her nursery up was the procurement of seeds that were both desi and organic.

She said, “Sellers usually lie and deceive people by selling hybrid seeds instead of organic seeds, even if the customer asks for organic.”

She then got advice from other gardeners regarding desi, organic seed sellers. Another problem she faced at that time was how to control insects and pests in gardens organically, without pesticides and insecticides. For this, she collected knowledge from specialists who know how to make organic, clean pesticides at home. Now, she uses neem oil, bio enzymes, buttermilk and many more things to get rid of the insects, pests and fungus in her garden.

garden story of sunita anand
garden story of sunita anand

She always has wanted to do something different, but something she loves. So she personally wants to take care of her family and society by ensuring they have organic fruits and vegetables available for consumption. She always aims at fully satisfying her customers by giving them high quality products, and her intention is definitely not earning money.

She has a beautiful cow dummy at her place. That she has kept as the symbol of love and purity. She is vegan and she wants other people to adopt the veganism. The name of her cow is daisy.

Mrs. Sunita Anand Garden Story

She said, “It’s the need of the hour to increase our immunity and make our quality of life better by adding organic fruits and vegetables to our diet. We don’t need to use medicines to cure diseases. Fruits and vegetables already contain all nutrients that are essential for a healthy human body”.

She wants to devote more and more time to serve society. In addition, she wants to collect and propagate exotic species of plants and make them available to people.

Sunita Anand,

Address: B-4, Green Acres, Airport Road, Amritsar.