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Meet the Lady who turned her Gardening Love into passion; Mrs. Ragini sharma

Mrs. Ragini sharma Garden Story

Mrs. Ragini sharma Garden Story

Mrs. Ragini sharma Garden Story:  Well! Gardening is more about love and what if the love turns into passion, then it makes you unstoppable. Today I am going to tell you the success and story of the lady who has established her empire with the zeal and passion. Her Name is Mrs. Ragini Sharma; she is Director at Amritsar Group of colleges, also founder of Jagriti NGO. Engagement in so many activities can make the person feel like finding no time for themselves. Instead of being so busy, she chooses to do gardening at home. This is where it all started. She has a small garden at the home, where she has abundant bonsai, flowers and herbs. After the hectic schedule of day, she used to spend her time in the garden.

She said, “Garden was actually the place where I find peace of mind after doing so much of work”.

Then she started investing her free time in the Garden. She used to introduce new plants here which gave her happiness. She covered the whole area under the plants which made her feel to vast the land.

“I felt like I should start it at the bigger level, as Agriculture student at our college will also get benefit from it”

That was the point from where she shifted towards the 6 acres of garden. today in her garden she has:

  • Hydroponic units.
  • Polyhouse for exotic crops
  • Fishery
  • Medicinal and Aromatic Plants
  • Organic garden
  • Bonsai studio
  • Mushrooms
  • Fairy Garden.
Rajni sharma

“I believe that fairies exist so I made a home for them, so that they can come and visit their place”.

She has done certain courses before starting this. She took online training of hydroponics from ACS distance education, Australia. For Mushrooms, she took training from DMR. And before starting organic farming, she visited certain organic farmers. For polyhouse, she visited the Kartarpur for the training. These are just the few which I have mentioned here, but she never stops on one thing.

“If I had a thought to start something, I should have a proper knowledge and plan for it. That is the reason I did courses for it”.

As per words, she was thrilled by watching the things growing in the pipes, so the concept of hydroponics was introduced here but while starting the hydroponics she was not sure about the success rate, she talked to certain Students from the Nepal and they played a very good role in its establishment and success.

“I have always tried to do something which can make me inspire to do something more. I wanted to grow the things which are not native to Punjab. So I built a polyhoouse. Although it was very tough in the starting, but I along with the other faculty made that possible”.

 Well! Now, after listening her story up to this, I realized how a person could get this crazy for gardening. She started from her little garden at home and moved towards the farming as well. Her passion is just a huge example for the society. If a person is determined, they can make anything happen.

rajni GD
Mrs. Ragini sharma Garden Story:

Fishery was something which makes her happy and give the internal peace. She wanted to use the water mixed with the excreta of fish to the crops. It was not easy either, as the department said to make the pond in one acre, but that was too much of area for her to invest in it. After requesting the department, they made small pond. And now, the water from the pond is get circulated in the crops.

Now, her garden is organically certified as well. People always discourages if somebody is starting a new thing. Same thing happened with Mrs. Ragini Sharma as well. Many people said her that this is not something which is the need of the era, but her firm determination was greater than the discouragements, which made her successful gardener today. Now, this is the new normal routine for her. In which gardening plays a very big role in it.

She said,” I have been inspired by my love for the garden which ultimately turned into my dream and I am working on it. Still lots of things are on the way”.

Not only this, she also organizes the festivals at her farm where people from nearby area visit along with all the organic farmers. I duly appreciate the initiative by her.

Indeed! she is a great inspiration for us. Being a lady she is visiting the farmers, doing the innovative things is something which other women must learn. The passion which I have seen in her is somewhere missing in the society today. Otherwise people would have moved towards the organic world.

I would like to extent my Thank you to the Lady Emperor Mrs. Ragini Sharma for not getting discouraged by disheartened words of people and being a huge inspiration for other women.