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Her motive is to save the soil, Meet the Daughter of Mother Earth; Mrs. Priyanka Gupta

Mrs. Priyanka Gupta Garden Story

Mrs. Priyanka Gupta Garden

Mrs. Priyanka Gupta Garden Story: The love of Gardening is a seed once you admire, it always gives you a gratification. A garden is a perfect place where you can heal your body and your soul. Today I will tell you a story of a lady whose is sowing the seeds of love, her name is Mrs.  Priyanka Gupta. She is from Ludhiana. She beautifully manages her household activities and gardening. Instead of bustling schedule, she never departed her passion for gardening. So she has chosen organic gardening. As, it is rightly said that it is all about the choices and choices differentiates you from the others. Her style of gardening makes her different from the other gardeners.

She has a stunning garden at her home, where she has ample flowers, herbs, trees and lots more. Gardening is her passion and she loves to spend most of her time in garden. It’s been two decades that she is into the gardening. 

She said” I always find calmness and feel fresh when i used to revolve around gardening.”

She started investing her time in the garden and she loves to grow more organic plants, as organic is healthy and even the soil feels live when it is devoid of chemicals. Mrs. Priyanka named her garden as “OM Garden”, which signifies the positive vibrations which allow to feel the whole universe. So, she has a great collection of plants; some I am mentioning below:

  • Rose flowers
  • Lemon Tree
  • Guava Tree
  • Mango Tree
  • Basil
  • Creeper
  • Sugar Apple
  • Aleovera
  • Herbs like Tulsi, Neem
Mrs. Priyanka Gupta Garden planters
She said,” Earth is my mother, and I am going to revert it in anyways”.


This is the reason she started organic farming, because she feels like when chemicals are put in the soil it pollutes the soil and kills the inner living creature in it like earthworms and microbes, as per her words we do not have right to kill anyone in this universe. She tries to get connected with the energies of the plants through meditation. She is proving the other people that it is not just the thing of writing or speaking that plants are living in nature they actually are living, they speak, they feel and they admire. Already the humans have polluted everything, we should contribute in reviving it.

“I cannot change everything here, but indeed! I can give my little bit of contribution in saving the soil”.

She is inspired by her father as he is a farmer. His father is also into the organic farming in Sangoor district. She goes to Sangrur twice a week to look forward to the farm of her father. She has a beautiful kitchen garden over there as well.

Look at the lady, what a passion she is holding, she is traveling from one place to another just for the gardening. I must say this much story has put the goose bumps on the body. Hold on! Lots more is left about her. She is a lady warrior. She is fighting against the people who are using the chemicals in their fields. Truly the passion speaks.


So she bucks up towards the garden by watching the dry leaves falling into the soil. That gave her very much of pleasure, she wanted those leaves to get conserved in the soil. She had a smart mind, which understood that, nothing is called waste in gardening.


When she started gardening, she faced many problems like drying of leaves, wilting, leaf dropping but now, these all things are cured.

Mrs. Priyanka Gupta Garden veges

She said, “Now, I don’t face any problem either the plants are in love with me or I am in love with my plants”.

She feels like gardening is a miracle as we put a little seed into the soil and it turns into a full plant. This is something which gives satisfaction. This is something which mother earth gives us in return.  She feels like mother earth is very kind and she never discriminates between anyone. So she gives back to everyone who sow the seeds. She never said no even to those who use the chemicals. But, if she cannot speak it is our responsibility to take care of it. This is reason she don’t use the chemicals.

Mrs. Priyanka Gupta Garden Story

She said “I choose to do organic gardening as I feel gardening adds years to life and there is lot many things to learn from plants”.

She gave a beautiful message; a farmer is one who get the honor to feed people. People do blind trust on the farmers. People do not know what they are sowing in the fields, what they are feeling to the seeds and soil. So, farmers should keep the trust of people, they should avoid the chemicals in the field. It is beneficial for our health, our environment and soil life. In today’s era, everyone is addicted to unhealthy food and medicines, we need to grow organic plants to get a healthy life and a happy mind. Let’s make the world organic. Also, be the part of reforestation and stop deforestation. Forests are the lungs of our world, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to the people. Safe wildlife, birds and start feeding them.


She is a great inspiration for us. Instead of hectic schedule she beautifully manages everything.  The passion which I have seen in her is incredible.