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Meet the person who believes that cactus bring prosperity; Mr. RD Rishi

Mr. RD Rishi Garden Story

Mr. RD Rishi Garden Story: Your age hardly matters when your passion is young. This statement has been proved right by Mr. RD Rishi. He is from Panchkula. Gardening is his daily cup of tea. He is currently in his 70s but the enthusiasm for gardening in him is just as that of teens.

He said, “For me gardening is very important, I can spend half of my day with the plants. I just love the way they are. The plants are the most beautiful creation of the god”.

Gardening is in his blood, his grandfather and father were also into the gardening. His grandfather was resident of Dasua, a town near Pathankot. There he had a beautiful garden at his terrace. His grandfather at that time used to grow brown cotton, which is one of the rare varieties of cotton.

Mr. RD Rishi

Not only this, he had grown the flowers and other plants.

His brother, who is currently residing in Noida, also have a beautiful garden at his place. He is doing the gardening of Olives, all types of vegetables, succulents and flowers at his place.

Mr. RD Rishi garden store
Mr. Rishi said,” this is the life which I am growing at my terrace”.


He has done his studies in the thappar university Patiala. At that time, he came in contact with the old man who was working for the Maharaja Patiala. That person was so much into the cactus gardening, and Mr. Rishi started collecting the cactus for his garden at dasua, which was made by his grandfather. Those cacti he was not able to bring with him to Panchkula.

“The seed of cactus gardening was sown in my mind when I bought the cactus from the old person”.

After his graduation, he started working in Bathinda. There is use to visit to nursery on regular basis for collecting the different varieties of the plants. And because of his love and passion of gardening, he became the judge of the various flower competitions. He also won many prizes in the flower competitions.

Mr. RD Rishi said “Malerkotla is a place where I have seen people growing different species of flowers and mostly the exotic one”. 


He started the collection of cactus 40 years back from Mr. Bhandri. At that time a cactus cost was just 10 rupees/plant. Being the member of different cactus societies, he leant a lots of things and made a beautiful garden at his place.

“What I think is the beauty is cactus is irresistible. If I talk about the flowering plant, they just flower once a year or most of the times they just flower once, as they are seasonal in nature, but the cactus is that plant, whose beauty we can enjoy throughout the year”.

He visited the place of Dr. Sarkaria, founder of cactus garden, Panchkula, to see the collection of his cacti. He loves playing the musical instrument flute. He uses to play flute in his garden. So he believes that the growth of the plants doubles by the music. And the garden of Mr. RD rishi is proof that plants love the music.

Currently he has a beautiful collection of cactus and other plants at his rooftop, here I have mentioned some:

Herbs like Mentha and Basil, Bonsai such as Chinese alum, banyan bonsai, pilkhin bonsai, bouganvilea bonsai, rose bonsai, jade bonsai, Peepal bonsai and many more are there on which he is working on. Flowering plants like rose, marigold, adeniums, carnation, chrysanthemums. Last but not the least he has more than 50 varieties of succulents at his terrace.

“Currently I have 18 varieties of succulents which grows very fast, I use to gift it to my friends. Other which take time in the growth keep it for my terrace only”.

Now, due to his old age, he is not able to maintain the full garden by himself, so he has kept some gardeners at his place. From which one is bonsai specialist who is engaged in making the new bonsai, one takes care of the flowers and another one is just for watering his plants. Cactus are very sensitive and so are the succulent, so they need a special care of watering.

Mr. RD Rishi Garden Story

“I better give a supervision on the daily basis to my garden. indeed! this is the place where I get full peace of mind”.

People think cactus are not good for the growth of the person. But according to him, cactus brought the prosperity to his life. All the success he got in his life is all because of the love towards the cacti. People use to speak a lots of bad stuff for the cactus, but he didn’t care about them and kept himself engaged in the gardening.   

“I want to give message to everyone, if you want to stay happy and healthy, do plant something at your home. It will keep you engaged and will bring prosperity”.

You are the true inspiration for the youngsters. The way you have decorated your garden is just amazing. Thank you so much Sir, for being such a motivational example for the society. We wish you the good luck and hope you will spread your love of gardening everywhere around the world.

MR. Rishi Garden Story