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 Meet the most notable Kitchen gardener of Noida; Mr. Dev datt Rishi

Garden story of Mr. Dev datt Rishi

Mr Dev datt Rishi ‘s Garden Story: Well! birds ever flock together, it demonstrates how momentous it is to stay together and clamp. Togetherness is a mere influential ingredient in a family’s life. It forms the crux of human life in the onset and continues throughout their dash. So it equips us with a sense of shield, support and delivers us soundness in the hour of tide. It’s true, one day a dream which you dream together is a reality. It’s well said that alone you can do so little, but together we can do so much. It feels good when you are close to people with whom you can share a strong bond of love and affection. It’s better to sound, love is just a feeling of togetherness and openness in your heart. 

Today I will Introduce you with the person who is so much impassioned about gardening, Mr. Dev datt Rishi. He completed his schooling at DAV School of Hoshiarpur, Punjab. After that, he chases his carrier in Chemical Engineering. He is a director at Kajaria Ceramics Ltd. He looks after Bee Keeping and Honey Processing business which was started by his wife.  

Mr. Dev dutt Rishi
Mr. Dev dutt Rishi garden story pics
Mr. Dev Datt Rishi said, “It’s been 4 decades that I am into gardening”.

He is a garden buff. He earmarks most of the daytime to his garden. He commenced Kitchen gardening after his wedlock. His wife was a keen gardener. She took this pursuit of gardening from her motherland and continues this craving into her in-law’s house. They were both interested in gardening and relished passing their free time in the garden. He made a kitchen garden on his rooftop.

He said, “My wife brings one bonsai plant in dowry”. 

 His collection of plants in the garden is mesmerizing. His green is famous with the name of Rishi’s Roof Top Kitchen Garden. People usually visit his garden to see the mysterious muster of plants. Let me tell you about his collection of plants: 

Olive Plants, Sapota, Custard apple, Lemon, Papaya, Amla, Bonsai of Pomegranate, Carrot, Raddish, Broccoli, Beans, Chilli, Drumstick, Spinach, Mint, Bathua, Amaranthus, Mustard, Aloe Vera, Cotton, plants, Neem plants in Pots, Curry tree, Garlic chives, Ashwagandha, Holy Basil, Italian Basil, Ficus spp. Bonsai’s, Hibiscus, Tamarind, Mandarin, Drisena and Adenium.

We were amazed by knowing that he had grown Olive plants in his garden. He brought some saplings of olive plants from Spain in 1988. He eats olives after adding salt and vinegar. It increases the shelf life of the same.  Fully matured Olives are ready in October and are Reddish black. 

Garden story of rishi ji

Garden story of Mr. Dev datt Rishi

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He said, “I assemble all the kitchen and garden waste and prepare compost from it.”

His grandparents pushed him into gardening. His grandfather used to grow seasonal vegetables, flowers, and cotton plants at his home garden. Thereafter, his parents were also into gardening. He took his passion of gardening from his ancestors and will pass it to his next generation. Interestingly, his four and a half years old granddaughter, Sara takes a very keen interest in gardening. Very often she joins him and lends her hand when he is sowing the seeds, pruning, and harvesting the vegetables. So, he was fascinated to grow plants at home from his earlier phases of life. 

He said, “Passion for gardening was already engulfed in my genetic makeup. So, this hobby of growing plants is in my blood.”

He imparted most of the daytime in growing plants, pruning and training of trees, and propagation of plants. Isn’t it amazing, he had a routine of giving a bunch of jasmine flowers to his wife from the very first day of his nuptials till her extinction? As his parents and grandparents were also into this, he tried his best to continue this tradition in his life.

Initially, when he started gardening he faced many difficulties such as wilting and withering. He was unaware of watering schedule of plants. Gradually with experience the things got better and he also fronted the problem of seepage on his roof.

He said, “Now I have done waterproofing of my ceiling.”

Mr. Datt sprays neem water which is extracted from the neem leaves of the plant for insect control. He prepares compost from flowers and dry leaves. He spread ash powder on the plants to get rid of the fungus and insects. Also, he prepared bio-enzyme from the peels of the fruit, after adding jaggery in hydrated peels. Bio-enzymes get ready to use after about one and a half months. 

He desires to do organic farming on  on his agricultural cultivable land. He wants to cultivate Drumstick, Aloe Vera, and Ashwagandha instead of any conventional crop. 

You should grow vegetables and fruit at your home. Try to spend your family time in the garden as it is a great pleasure activity for everyone. If you have a garden at your home, then you don’t need to purchase vegetables and fruit from the Market, only you just need to pluck fresh vegetables for your daily consumption.