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A unique mind; Mr. Ashok Bhandari.

Mr. Ashok Bhandari Garden Story

Mr. Ashok Bhandari Garden Story: Indeed, Covid-19 proved parlous for many people. People lost their lives. Many lost their near and dear ones. Many of them got a new direction of living their life. Today I will tell the story of a businessman, who almost lost his hope in the this Covid-19 wave. His name is Mr. Ashok Bhandari. He is from 6- sector Panchkula, India. A businessman person hardly finds time for himself, but due to his age he is just enjoying the life more like a retired person and goes to the factory for 2 hours after lunch. Rest of his time he dedicates to social working.

He said, “I am not exactly into the gardening, but I produce the plants and do free sale of it to people”.

He is production engineer by profession and owns a factory in Mohali where production of metallic door closers takes place. So he has done his engineering from Punjab Engineering University in 1968. He does job for 2 years after completing his engineering and then start up with the factory in 1974. He is in his 70s currently and enjoying a happy married life.

Mr. Ashok Bhandari
Mr. Ashok Bhandari ji
Mr. Ashok said, “I have a great love for poetry, I write the poems, and till now my 22 books have been published”

He stared this gardening in year 2019 in the month of June, after he had a severe illness of Corona Virus. He lost almost all his hopes. Due to the shortage of oxygen at his place, he faced problems in breathing. At that time, he was hospitalized and heard one doctor saying around him something and those words are:

“If everyone on the planet plants atleast of 5 plants at home, then nobody will be ever oxygen deficient”.

This thing got stuck in his mind. After discharging from the hospital he bought 5 such plants which give oxygen all the time. Names of the plants are: Sangonuim, Spider plant, Snake plant, Aloe-vera, Basket plant. All these are anti-septic plants and have medicinal values.

Not only this, He is also into awakening people around his area.

Mr. Ashok Bhandari garden story
Mr. Ashok said, I take a speaker in my hand, along with cloth masks and go to the chowk of my area and aware people about the covid-19 and repeat at the restrictions like: wash your hands, make a social distance, wear masks and everything else.


He is just incredible. He is truly contributing towards the society by his social deeds. The pure thought, if he got ill out of corona virus, others should not. He is a great inspiration for the society and for the youngsters, even being in his 70s, he is very much passionate about awakening people. So he is doing all his efforts for people to get safe from Covid-19.

He said that he also owns an old age home, earlier there used to be some 12 people. But now, due to some covid-19 restriction he sent all of them at their places except 2, who were all alone. One of those 2 persons, is a tailor. So, Mr. Bhandari gives him 1 rupee per mask for stitching. The old age guy makes around 100-150 masks per day. Mr. Bhandari goes to the chowk and distribute it among people free of cost.  

He said, I will put all my energy in saving the people from the Covid-19 situation, either through the awareness camps or through gifting the plants.


He has some empty space near his home, where he does all the propagation of his plants. There is a board placed outside of his home for plants. He places the plants there under the board. People come and get the plants from there. He said it’s been one year that he didn’t bought any plant from the nursery and he is just propagating the plants by himself.

Mr. Ashok Bhandari garden

Mr. Ashok Bhandari Garden Story

My daily investment on this project is just around 100-120 rupees, which I spend on buying pots for the plants.

 He fought with the corona and now he is putting his energy to save people from corona. His home is full of oxygen giving plants. He wants the surrounding to never get oxygen deficient. Wow! I really appreciate the efforts of Mr. Bhandari. He is doing amazing. Keep up the good work sir and all the best for your future endeavors.