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Meet the Artistic Gardener, Mr. Amarjeet Singh Walia

Garden Story of Mr. Amarjeet Singh Walia

Garden Story of Mr. Amarjeet Singh Walia: Art represents the inward significance and not the outward appearance of things. It is all about the transmission of feelings into what they had experienced earlier. They express their affections through their art. It is their way of keeping a diary. 

Today I will introduce you to the person who takes his artistic thinking into gardening. His Name is Mr. Amarjeet Singh Walia. He resides in Mohali. He is a member of the National Cactus and Succulent Society. Mr. Walia was an artist at Patiala University. In 2005, he got retired from Punjab School Education Board of Mohali. He is also running a Canal Club Dog show at Mohali. 

Mr. Walia said, “I celebrated my fortieth anniversary with my garden this year.”

He is very much into the exotic species of plants. He is collecting and growing new species that are not native to India. His poetry is magnificent that whoops his experience, emotions, and feelings. 

Mr. Walia
Mr. Amarjeet Singh Walia


He said, “My daughter is my import office for exotic plants from Australia.”


We were amazed by knowing that he paints his cacti to give them a colorful appearance. As a painting enthusiast, he has painted some of his birds with food-grade painting colors. He uniquely discerns the things. He amends everything into an artistic look.

Mr. Walia said, “I am not a botany scholar, but my passion for gardening is more than an agriculturist.”

His collection of plants in his garden is invaluable. He has a green patch in the front yard of his house. Let me tell you about his muster of plants:

Baramasi lemon plants, Bonsai of Sapota, Mango, Kinnow, Sweet lemon, Red Blood Malta, Blue Mango, Avocado, Dragon Fruit, Bonsai stock of Ficus, Ficus nerifolia, Creepers of spinach, Buxus Plant Bonsai Jungle, Ficus Krishna, Palm Varieties, Euphorbia Red and White, Daisy Mandarin, Fenugreek, Coriander, Blue & Yellow Turmeric, Succulent plants, Cactus Plants, Tamarind, Betel plant, Holy Basil, Karonda, Ashwagandha, Madras Thorn, Ferns.

He got prompted by the exhibition on gardening at Mohali. Dr. JS Sarkaria, the founder of National Cactus and Succulent Botanical Huda Garden and Research Centre of Panchkula, is his inspiration. Dr. Sarkaria inspired him to commence articles regarding gardens and plants. 

Mr. Amarjeet
He said to Dr. Sarkaria that he does not master the plants then how could he be able to write articles on it.

Then Dr. Sarkaria guided him on writing an article. He said you just put your feelings, imaginations, and experience on the paper. Afterward, Dr. Sarkaria taught him about cactus and succulent gardening, care and maintenance, artificial pollination, and seed production. His love for gardening grew day by day, making him the keen gardener.

He said, “I attended many exhibitions and shows in Delhi.”

Well! he faced many difficulties when he started gardening. His utmost concern was that the plants were costly, which most of them get weathered in his garden as he was unaware of how to take care and maintain the plants. That experience speaks more than words. Gradually, he understood the concept of gardening and an army of secrets behind it.

He said, “I do not use any chemicals in my garden.”

Waste is not a word in his dictionary. He assembles all the kitchen and garden waste and prepares compost from it. So he has grown fruits and vegetables organically. He also has air plants in his garden which get propagated just by hanging them with a thread in the air. 

He said, “Now I feel like I am deficient of space in my garden.”

Mr. Walia desires to increase his collection of succulents and cacti. Now feels deficient in the area, he is thinking of expanding his garden cover. 

According to him, God has given spikes to cacti so that no one could disturb them as they are so beautiful.

They are lucky or unlucky is just a matter of our thoughts and nothing else.

They don’t harm you in any way, so you need to love them by giving proper care and maintenance.

Everyone tries to grow plants by establishing a small garden at their home. Even you can grow fruit and vegetables in your garden for your daily consumption. There is a need for the time to eat healthy and chemical-free food. You have to maintain your health by eating fresh vegetables and fruit.