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Best Flowering Plants for indoor and outdoor

Indoor outdoor flowering plants



Indoor & Outdoor Flowering Plants –

Flower, another name of fragrance, another name of beauty, another name of peace, another name of colors. Nature has so many hidden secrets, Mother Nature knows what has to be shown to us or what not to be. But the most beautiful gift by the nature to the human species are flowers which serves the 1000 purposes either in terms of medicines or in terms of decoration. But the bad thing is in the busy running life of human they are away from all these thing, I should not say this but Yes, Thanks to covid-19 which made the human closer to nature. Many people started gardening at home and many made the new gardens. This was what made be more satisfied and this at the end matters.

indoor outdoor flowering plants

List of indoor outdoor flowering plants -

In this blog I will discuss about some of the easy growing indoor and outdoor flowers.

Penutia indoor plants

Petunia and Dianthus : – These flowers have beautiful color and they are outdoor in nature. They need a good sun of around 3-4 hours a day which should directly falling on them, it is very important to give water to these plants on the daily basis as the transpiration rate is very high in the open sun.

 In case of shortage of water, the plants start drooping first followed by the drooping of leaves. So, for avoiding it water them every day. Dianthus are hardy than petunias, the Dianthus tolerate the drought of about one week but petunia are very sensitive, if you travel a lots then petunia would be a bad option.

indoor and outdoor plants 3
indoor and outdoor plants

Crossandra: – The color the flower is quite unique, and the thing which differentiate it from the other flowers is the intricate design behind its flower. The good thing about this flower is that we can place it indoor as well as outdoor. It can survive in medium light to good amount light.

Watering is very crucial part of the plant, overwatering can cause the fungus and ultimately the plant will die and in other case less water could make the plant dead due to wilting. So indoor plants are only be watered when the soil is dry and not before that.

Kalanchoe:-  Along with roses, gladiolus these a considered as good gifts to be exchanged with the loved ones. The leafs of the plant are waxy which means it is a succulent it is one of those kind of plant which doesn’t dries quickly. It needs a milder temperature for its survival. As explained earlier as well overwatering can kill the plant.

Water only once the soil is dry.

These kind of plants prefers a smaller pot so do not rush to transplant this flower in a bigger pot. There are certain conditions where this plant do not bloom or stops giving flowers in such a situation, you can add phosphorous into it or otherwise you can do the pinching.

I will explain it later on in this blog.

The best way to induce the flowering in this plant is giving the plant a stress period. You can stop watering them say for some 3-4 weeks, keep it in a medium light place, buds will start coming and then later on add water in it. Shift the plant to the place where good light come.

indoor and outdoor plants
Classic marrygold indoor plants

Classic marigold: These are very common plant in the family of flowers. Usually every second home in a urban area grow this flowers either in the balcony or in the garden not just because of its beauty but for its sacred value and medicinal uses. There are a lot of varieties of marigold the most common one are the French marigold.

Which are smaller in size and African marigold bit lager in size.

All have the same requirements. The marigold need a photoperiod of 3-4 hours a day and water whenever the soil dries. For the preparation of seed of marigold Let 2-3 flowers dries on the plant and you can save the seeds for the next season. These can be grown by seed very easily. It is a strong insect repellent. It attracts the beneficial insects such as butterflies and honeybees.



Poinsettia: – I kept this one in the end because they are amazing ones the interesting part of these plants is the upper leaves of the plant turn red. The flower is very small. The leaves turn red in winter season only and once the summer arrives they turns green again. The plant is perennial in nature. You can also keep it indoor in the bright light corner. And water it as per the need of the plant.

poinsettia outdoor plants
Note for indoor plants

Note: – If you are planning to decorate your interiors or garden with the flowers then you should know about the dead heading or the pinching (the term I used earlier) process of the plants. Dead Heading is the process where we remove the dead flowers from the plant.

Now the question arises why it should be done? Answer starts from a question only.

Why does a plant flower? It flowers to get pollinated for next generation and in the seasonal flower if you do not remove it the plant will start investing the energy to make seed and not the flower, so we need to conserve the energy and direct it to produce as many flower as it can. And whenever you see the dead flower just remove it, it would help the plant to produce the new ones. It is a very important practice followed in the garden.

Now the question arises most of the plants are seasonal, So, are they worth buying as they die after 2-3 month?

Answer is yes, plants are always worth buying, they can change the environment and even mood of the person, so, once it comes to buying the ornamental things for home do think about the buying the flowers for you, they will add the positive vibrations in the air, this is what my personal experience says. But yes, if you are not good at gardening go for the perennial flowers such as roses.