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Let’s know about a tiny tree named “Areca Palm”

It is an undeniable fact that our life is at an alarming rate. The reason is, that our air quality is getting worse day by day due to this the majority of natives are struggling with harmful diseases. So, we need to look after this issue and try to overcome this. Otherwise, it will spoil our lives one day. The superior remedy to save us from toxic elements and pollution is “plants”. This phenomenon helps us to purify our surroundings. God has sprinkled blessings on us in the form of plants. So, we must conserve our nature and the environment with air-purifying plants. The ultimate benefit we get from plants is the fresh air, we breathe. Moreover, plants act as a pain relief for many issues like headache, mental illness and many more. The areca palm is the most effective one to sanitize the air. It is best suited for indoor spaces and is famous for brightening the interiors. In today’s blog, the areca palm will be the centre of attraction, emphasizing its features, benefits, and many more.

Features of Areca Palm: –

To give a tropical vibe to the home, no other plant can beat the areca palm. This palm is widely famous for the names butterfly and golden cane palm. Its leaves are designed in the form of buttery wings to give tremendous look to your home. Areca palm is tall in size and nearly has 5 feet long leaflets. It is able to grow up to 8 feet in height and resembles just like a tiny tree for the home. Moreover, it is also possible that if you provide daily nourishment and care to your indoor plants, then they can stay up to 10 years.


An accurate amount of light can make the areca palm a successful indoor growing plant. These plants require bright as well as indirect light, it is better if it is placed on the west or south facing near windows. However, if we place areca palm in direct sunlight then the leaves will turn yellowish-green.

Care and maintenance of Areca Palm: –

 It does not require much care and maintenance but we cannot neglect it.

  • We should water it frequently in order to keep the soil moist according to seasonal variations.
  • It is good for the palm if we make its soil slightly dry during the autumn and winter seasons.
  • Fertilizing is considered an essential diet for areca. Moreover, this process helps the leaves of the palm to generate good nutrients for the entire season.
  • A spray of micronutrients on areca palm during the summer season is effective. Using this spray on plants helps to maintain the soil particles in a healthier manner. Also, it is very useful whenever the plant is struggling with various nutrient deficiencies.


  • Areca palm requires repotting twice or sometimes thrice a year.
  • For the areca palm, we need a tight container and congested roots which usually help to limit the size of the palm.


  • Additionally, these plants can survive for years outdoor, especially in microclimatic conditions where the temperature ranges from 18 to 20 degrees.
  • Some plants are toxic to cats, humans, and dogs but, the areca palm is the safest one to keep around your pets and children. In case, your child or pet eats the leaf of a palm by mistake, it will not harm them. But, it’s good to keep it away from them.

To pen down, the areca palm is one the best houseplant, air purifier and is worth growing. It is the pickiest one for the majority of people because of its flexibility. Moreover, the fastest-growing plant gives a cheerful appearance to your home, especially during summers and spring. So, let’s give a chance to areca palm to brighten up your area with healthy surroundings.


A smart tip for Areca Palm: –

Sometimes, leaves of the areca palm fall off due to their heavy growth. To keep them safe from falling over, tie them nicely with a ribbon, twines and printed rope. This will also give a fancy look to your palm.