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Master of Terrace Gardening; Mr. K. S. Sekhon

Mr. K.S Sekhon Garden Story


Mr. K.S Sekhon Garden Story: Creative people not only just enjoy their work but they also passionately love what they do. They discover the fresh ways of do the thing by observing the world around them. They are open minded and devoted to their work which allows them to separate themselves from the others. So they find the areas of weakness and do the improvement in it. Actually, they enjoy to learn something which is unique, different and innovative. They are risk takers and dare to fail. For them, failure is just a learning curve not a destination.

; K. S. Sekhon
K.S Sekhon
Today, I will introduce you to the great personality of Patiala. He is a retired officer of revenue department.

Actually, he is the person who introduced the concept of terrace gardening in Patiala. He has a big antique museum in Patiala, where he has displayed various artifacts such as coins, fossils and tribal arts. He is providing the best knowledge to their visitors regarding the rich heritage of India.

Mr. Sekhon said, “It’s been 4 decades that I am into gardening”.

After the completion of construction work on the ground floor, he shifted his garden at terrace. After he shifted his garden at the terrace, he started the addition of different varieties of the plants to spread it all over the terrace. His garden has covered the area of around 300 yards.

He has made different gardens spaces on the same terrace that are Cactus garden, Succulents garden, Green house area, Sitting area, Barbeque area, Fountain and Foliage area. He has a great collection of fruit and vegetable plants which includes Lemon, Kinnow, Sapota, Narangi, Tomato, Onion, spinach, fenugreek, Broccoli, Okra, eggplant and many more. And he has grown Medicinal plants as well like Ashwagandha, Lemon grass, Tulsi and Ajwain. At his terrace, he grows all the plants in containers.

His collection of cactus and succulent plants is really surprising. He has grown foliage plants in the green house where he provides micro climate to the plants through foggers. Cactus are generally grown in open and succulents are grown in shade.

He said, “I make kitchen compost with all the waste which is collected directly from my kitchen.”

Isn’t it amazing he stores tomatoes for off season by making tomato puree? Tomato puree is prepared by heating the grinded tomatoes. After that cooling the mixture, it is stored in zip bags. Then you can easily use this extract of tomatoes throughout the year. Now he is working on frozen lemon juice, broccoli and bitter gourds.

Mr. Sekhon said, “I am so much involved in social activities.”

 He is fond of travelling across the world. He is very good at singing. So he arranges group tours of students for visiting in his museum. He promotes people to do planting by his group “Plant at door”.

He made a special soil mix for growing of cactus plants. Ingredients included are River sand, Vermicomposting, Bone meal, Horn hoof, Charcoal, Neem cake, Organic compost and Cinder.

Mr. Sekhon said, “I am using cocopeat for better water absorption and cinder for good aeration.”


He generally uses onion peels, fallen leaves and neem cakes for the supply of nutrients to the plant. He faces many problems when he starts gardening. Because he did not know how to care and maintenance of succulent and cactus plants. He is unaware regarding the plant characteristics, how and when to water the plants and ample of things. He finds difficulty in making accurate soil mix for growing of plants. Then he gradually examines the plants minutely and starts to understand the language of the plants. After that things becomes easier day by day and he indulge in the gardening more and more.

K.S Sekhon garden story
He said, “Now, I feel lack of space in my terrace as my plants cover my full terrace area.”

He applies the dried tea as source of nitrogen. So he has sown only hybrid seeds and saplings of vegetables. He usually purchases saplings from popular nurseries of Patiala.

Mr. Sekhon said “I feel proud on myself that I have enlightened thousands of people regarding the terrace gardening.”

He spread the knowledge and promotes terrace gardening among people. Specially, in lockdown when people were demanding the fresh air and oxygen. Similarly he helped out lots of people by gifting them plants and inspiring them to grow more and more plants at their home.

Mr. K.S Sekhon Garden Story

He said, “When I am in my garden I always feel positive vibes coming from nature.”

Well! his passion speaks in his garden. His love towards plants is invaluable. He spends his most of the day time with his family in the sitting room of his terrace garden. He has a kitchen at the terrace where he used to make meals and enjoy by eating together. So he usually arranges party at the terrace as barbeque set up is also there. He wants to return anything to our Mother Earth instead of just polluting it.

Mr. K. S. Sekhon

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