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Intriguing Facts about Gardening

Did you all know? Bamboo is the quickest growing plant on the planet. Additionally, it is a tall and thin bamboo plant able to grow up to 3 feet (.91 meters) per day. There are nearly 1,500 species of bamboo plants that are basically native to Australia and Asia.

Does anybody know earlier tulips were more expensive than gold, in the early 1600s flower named tulip was introduced in Holland? The bulbs of tulips were more costly than a bar of gold. The tulip era was the initial speculative period in history.

The majority of people think the carrots they eat are orange, but carrots were originally purple and white. In the period of the 10th century, as per the study of Persians carrots, we eat today are produced by the genetically mutated method.

Potatoes are the oldest species of vegetable; these were cultivated nearly 7,000 ago. In the mid of 16th century, Spanish natives discovered various kinds of potatoes and then transported them over Europe. So this way, the production, and supply of potatoes have increased across the entire world.

One single sunflower we see in the gardens has a large head that can compose hundreds of tiny seeds that are known as florets. Such florets ripen and form seeds, one of the categories of sunflower seeds consumed by people like a dry fruit.

The most visited tourist place “Dubai” has the world’s largest garden, known as the Dubai miracle garden, which covers nearly 72 square km area and the entire garden is covered with 60 million beautiful flowers.

Butterflies are more attracted by weeds than flowers, in the process of making flowers more attractive in terms of size and appearance. The flowers might lose their fragrance, so the regular growing of weeds is the main reason for butterflies and other insects to stay on the flowers.

Does anybody know the average size of a normal tree can give enough wood material to prepare nearly 170,100 pencils. In addition to this, baseball bats and cricket bats are produced from the wood of a tree named “Hickory tree”. In Africa, elephant grass is very famous, it is heard that it has 4.5 meters in height. This grass is very high that even elephants can hide in this.

It is so interesting there are more than 300,000 plants in the world that are identified. Perhaps, still, various species of plants are unidentified and are growing all over the globe. Moreover, there are approximately 2000 different plants from separate families that are used by humans to make food. The fruit banana provides some natural chemicals which can make the mood of people happy and calm.

Ginkgo is the most ancient tree-living species around the world, its survival is still going on for 250 million years. Also, the word pineapple was derived by European explorers who decided to combine a pinecone with an apple, which was later known as pineapple.

If anybody wants to have a sound sleep, place a few gerberas daisy flowers near your bed. As these flowers have the quality of emitting pure oxygen in the surroundings and can absorb all the toxins.

Moreover, this information is especially for coffee lovers, instead of consuming a high amount of caffeine on daily basis. There are leaves called dandelion, these leaves are a better alternative to having caffeine-free coffee regularly.

Does anybody know the exciting fact about flowers in Russia. In this region, giving anyone the odd number of flowers represents a happy moment. Also, giving even number of flowers to somebody shows condolence situation.

In addition to this, it is extremely interesting that there is one variety of flowers known as chocolate cosmos, that smells similar to chocolate.