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How To Start Terrace Gardening In India

My Terrer Garden

Nature love never ever ends from individuals’ heart … They feel peace, joy in touch with nature. Read How To Start Terrace Gardening.

Heavy industrialization, machines, modernization vanish the place of gardens, greenery… The only place left for gardening is on terrace(roof), home balconies. Terrace gardening is a great solution for anyone living in a crammed flat or house with no backyard.

Sun Set Garden

Tips of How To Start Terrace Gardening

Feel greenery at your own surrounding

Terrace Garden with table chair

Despite of shortage/less area or place for gardening … Terrace gardening is the best choice for having your dream garden at your own comfort place of own choice.

Grow fruits, herbs and shrubs etc

How To Start Terrace Gardening

Terrace gardening are even great for growing organic vegetables and fruits and setting up a flower bed by transforming your terrace into beautiful green garden.

Have an organic item over toxic item

How To Start Terrace Gardening

Have 100% organic and items i.e., fruits, vegetables by setting up garden as per your choice, area at your own roof rather than eating toxic food items that are harmful for health.

Setting up gardening on terrace

See How To Start Terrace Gardening – It is easy to maintain garden in limited area on terrace without much extra effort and cost.

Terraces get plenty of sunshine, air. It also helps to purify the surroundings toxic air …

If you are not producing veggies and fruits, you can simply set up herb and flower garden, or an exotic green landscape with a small spring decked with lights to unwind in the comfort of your house.  

Set up Terrace Garden in different ways:

  • Vertical Gardening.
  • Container Gardening.
How To Start Terrace Gardening
  • Go for Vertical Gardening if you limited space at terrace. It is best idea to encourage vertical gardening.
How To Start Terrace Gardening
  • You can arrange series of containers holding soil such as pots, boxes, troughs, tubs, drums, etc.
  • These containers are placed over wedges or bricks to leave a clear gap between them and the roof for proper drainage and passage of air.

Best therapy for ailments:

Terrace gardening is also highly curative. Spend just half or one hour in the morning and another half or one hour in the evening attending your plants. Your stress and anxiety will slowly disappear as will any breathing problems you have.

You will feel more alive and blissful with nature.

Waterproof roof and Drainage System:

How To Start Terrace Gardening
  • The roof should be made waterproof to prevent seepage of water into the room below. The civil work required for complete waterproofing on terrace for gardening cannot be avoided.
  • The terrace should have proper drainage system so that rain and irrigation water drain off quickly.
  • You can use or install drip irrigation system rather than using old conventional methods.

Good quality fertilisers, manure helps to grow healthy plants

How To Start Terrace Gardening

By using best quality fertilisers, manure and HYV seeds helps to grow healthy plants.

Adequate water supply and sunlight and other necessity things also helps to grow plants, herbs, shrubs healthier and pesticide free.

Now space is not the problem for Terrace Gardening

Make best use of garden pots, flower pots, hanging baskets, plant stands etc. to grow more plants, flowers in limited space on terrace.

Decorate your terrace, balcony garden with beautiful flower beds and various types of herbs, shrubs, creepers and climbers.

Terrace gardening is best solution for nature lovers and one who loves gardening. Nature love is a free cure for today’s generation stress and ailments.