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Garden Deco – How to prepare Kitchen waste compost?

How to prepare Kitchen waste compost?

Prepare kitchen waste compost in your home – The Green Revolution brought a huge drift in agriculture. Although it saved several lives out of starving but it brought along chemicals in agriculture. Which were never used before. The life of the person is reduced to half, from the day we have started eating the chemical treated food. From production till its marketing the chemicals are involved. I feel that today’s generation is smart enough to make a choice between right and wrong especially in case of food.  The Covid-19 situation has brought a huge awareness amongst us for producing our own food at our own home or otherwise eating the organic or chemical free food.

Many of us want to contribute to environment positively. We try and do that by buying organic food material, biodegradable products, cutting out plastic. One simple and basic way is to start at home. In this blog I will discuss certain methods to make the homemade fertilizers from the peels of the fruits.

Fruits are the great source of nutrients. So, they are at the priority when we talk about making the compost at home.

Banana Egg make waste compost

First step in making the compost is to separate the waste in two different categories i.e. wet waste and dry waste.

prepare waste in pots


Second step is the take three terracotta pots or compost bins or earthen pots with holes in it for providing good aeration in it. Place it one above another. Once the top one is filled it goes downwards and the another one which is empty comes up.

Third step add fruit waste along with food waste cooked or uncooked. You can also add leaves in it. Do the process of adding the waste in the pot every day or every alternative day.


Prepare waste in box

Check Fourth Step of prepare Kitchen waste compost:

Fourth step is that once the pot is half filled add the curd into it. Not every time you need to add it into the jar. But just to give a start. It will help in the growth the good bacteria which will ultimately make the degradation process faster.

Kitchen waste compost is little smelly. Because of the food waste which largely contains the nitrogen and nitrogen. These nitrogen is ultimate reason for the smell. But yes, we can control it by addition of more number of leaves in it as the leaves are rich in carbon and it moderates the smell. If the smell is unbearable add more leaves into the pots.

Secondly you can aerate the pits properly for avoiding the smell in it. You can use a stick for shuffling the material and properly aerating the system, this you can do once or twice a week. if proper aeration is not given to the pits the anaerobic process starts taking place due to which the bad bacteria develops and the smell starts coming.

If the compost you prepare is very much dry add some water to make it little wet.

Avoid adding the chilies and lemons into the compost as they hinder the growth of good bacteria in the compost.

Also avoid the use of napkins in the compost pits. As it doesn’t degrade in the time periods for the preparation of compost.

You can also add eggshells but don’t forget to break them before adding it.

Another problem faced during the compost formation is the pest infestation, if you see some insects in the compost they are the good ones they help in degradation of the compost. If you see cockroaches near the compost, then you have to do some treatment of the cockroaches. Or place the compost pit out the reach of rats and cockroaches. It is good to see Lizards near the compost pit they eat all the bad growing insects near the compost. 

Do place a plate or some another utensil under the compost pit as there might be some water leakage from the compost pit, you can also use this water as compost.

How should it look after it gets ready?



The compost after getting ready looks porous, fine structure and dark brown in color. And it takes some 2 -3 months for the compost to get ready. For the better preparation of the compost keep it in a warm and humid place it will make the process quick.

prepare bnanan waste

Prepare Kitchen waste compost -

Can we use the plastic container for making compost?

Yes, we can use the plastic container, but pressure and heat generation in it should be as per need. What I recommend to you is to use the terracotta containers for the compost preparation as they work best for me. And I also suggest to use the organic fertilizer in place of the chemicals ones as they ultimately harm the human species.