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How to make a terrarium at home?

How to make a terrarium

how to use terrarium at home


How to make a terrarium : Terrarium had marked a landmark in the history of garden décor world. The concept of terrarium originally was that you have a container which is closed from top and you have lot of plant growing in it. It is an ecosystem in a closed space. Recently the concept of terrarium has evolved more like a décor item, something which is pretty and nice kept in some part of your house. Not only it adds the beauty to the place but also we see the ecosystem in the enclosed space.


For me it was not easy to make the terrarium when I started making it, but now I feel it very easy to make one. So I thought to write a blog on the terrarium so that everybody should know how to make terrarium at home.

For terrarium make what all items we need?

We need Plants such as succulent and cactus. I recommend combination of succulent and cactus plants because they need very less water and easy to maintain. Another reason is they do not need much off photoperiod. Some people do not use cactus.

So, I recommend them to use only succulents in the terrarium. Other than plants we need some pebbles, gravels, succulent soil, glass container, activated charcoal and other accessories which you have to decorate it.

Use the container from which the things should be visible.

Now, the container which we are using do not have any hole underneath which means the drainage of the container is zero, due to which the plant may start rotting due to the undrained water. And secondly the diseases like fungal infections can occur in the ecosystem, which ultimately can make the system dead.

Beautiful terrarium at home

Every problem has a solution. We use the activated charcoal in the system. The charcoal should be of horticulture grade which is to be used in the system. But yes, if you do not get the charcoal of this grade you can use any normal one. Function of the charcoal we have studied in the lower classes that is it had adsorbing properties. So, charcoal will adsorb all the extra water from the system.

It will keep the system fresh. The charcoal should be grainy in texture so that it should look beautiful in the container. And yes, charcoal is the lower most layer of the container which makes our first layer. The second layer of the container is of succulent soil.

Here I am going to tell you about the proportion of the things needed in the soil.

  • Coarse sand
  • Perlite
  • Vermicompost
  • Vermiculite
  • Soil
  • Coco peat
  • Gravels

Take all of these items in 1:1 proportion except the vermiculite which is to be taken in half the quantity of other things. Mix all of these items properly and make a thin layer of this above the charcoal. Keep in mind that the succulent soil should have thee good drainage properties.

Now the third layer will be of gravels to add the beauty to the terrarium.

Coming next the forth layer is again of succulent soil. This time the layer should be thick enough to plant the succulents in it.

Now we have different layers in the pot and finally we will plant the succulents in it. Choose 3 plants of different sizes and plant them accordingly as they will look good in the container.

Add the soil after planting use spoon for spreading the soil.

Use a brush to clean the sides of the glass.

Now at last, add the fine gravels or crushed pebbles on the upper later of the soil after planting the succulents so that it should give a wonderful look.  You can also use the landscape tools in the terrarium for making it more wonderful.

terrarium at home for glass
terrarium at home for watering girl


Watering: – Keep a good control on hands for water. I recommend to add water in the terrarium once in 3 weeks. Don’t worry they will not die due to lack of water but yes, they will definitely die if you add abundant water in it.

Note :

Keep the terrarium where there is a good intensity of light at your home as we are using the plants such as cactus and succulent. Try to keep it next to your window and if you want to keep it inside your room or some another place where there is less light or just the LED lights available then I strongly recommend you to use the artificial plants in the terrarium. Because the chances of survival of living plant would be less and ultimately it will make your terrarium look ugly.

Secondly do not forget to add the plastic net in-between the layers. It would keep the layers separate.