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How to make a terrace Garden

Make a terrace garden.

terrace gardening make

Make a terrace garden : If you want to make a small fruit and vegetable garden setup and you have some empty space on your terrace then this blog is for you. You can easily make your own garden, in which you can grow vegetables, fruits and flowers in pots and containers. In this blog I will be covering all the information what you should know before starting a terrace garden.

Specially for those who are new to gardening. Before growing any plant its important to know about few basic things, like how to prepare potting soil and how to make light weight or soilless growing medium? What kind of pots and containers will you need? Which tools are important in gardening?  Which fertilizer were given in what quantity? and how to take care of your garden in different seasons? Which fruits and vegetables you can grow in containers? I will share full updates right from seedling to harvesting.

Make a terrace with veggies

It’s a different one of growing organic vegetables, fruits and beautiful flowers at your home. Having a beautiful garden at home is everyone’s dream, but sometimes due to lack of space and knowledge its dream cannot come true.

But with little efforts and some knowledge, you can also make a nice garden in very space and time in which you can grow organic vegetables, fruits, flowers and decorative plants there are a number of vegetables which can be easily grown in containers and also requires less space and care. I can also make my own terrace garden in which I grow a number of flowering plants, fruits and seasonal vegetables throughout the year. So let’s see what do you need to start a terrace garden

Pots and planters :

First of all, let’s talk about pots. You can use plastic, cement, or clay pots. Clay pots are the best for growing plants. According to the size, these pots are ranges between 50 to 500 rupees. Rectangular pots like, is best to growing for flowering plants You can put the pots on plastic tray like this, but don’t let the water stand in it. 8 to 12 inch pots are great for growing leafy vegetables, chili, brinjal and tomatoes but if you want to grow vegetables vines like bottle gourd, sponge gourd, lima beans, bitter gourd or long beans you will need big sized containers. I grow vegetables vines in big containers, which I have made from an old plastic fruit crate, purchased from scrap market in just 50 rupees.

If you do not have containers or pots, you shall start with big plastic growing bags, plastic sack, 15 litre oil jar like this which I have cut horizontally, and made some holes at the bottom. You can also use old tube or even empty paint bucket and by this you can do best.

Make a terrace garden with Soil preparation

Plants can be grown in soil, but for the best results in pots we need nutrition rich, well drained potting soil. It consists garden soil upto 50 %, Cow dung compost or vermicompost upto 30 % and coco peat/ sand upto 20 %. Also mix two handful of neem cake powder or neem khali which is also a natural fungicide. the problem with big container filled with soil is that they are hard to move, and adds additional weight on terrace, also in urban areas its hard to get garden soil. But you can also make light weight soil which is comparatively much light than garden soil. To make light weight soil it contains garden soil 20 %, perlite 10 %, vermicompost 20% and cocopeat 50%. Also add 2 handful of neem cake powder. Coco peat is a husk made of dried coconut peels which comes in the form of dry brick like 50 rupees per kg. after adding water it increases by 4 to 5 times. Perlite is a volcanic glass ash which is very lite in weight and can absorb moisture and nutrients. It also makes soil lighter.

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Before filling soil in pot. Makes sure that it has few drainage holes at the bottom if there is not, then make some. many potted plants die just because of excess moisture caused by poor drainage. Now at the bottom, make one-inch layer of gravels or fine stones. This layer stops soil to drain off along with water. Fill this soil and water it throughout 2-3 times which removes air pocket from soil. Let the pot 2 to 3-inch empty to avoid spilling of soil and compost while watering. To distribute weight evenly place big and heavy containers on the corners of terrace and over the columns. There are several tools which are really helpful in gardening, like watering can, gloves, hand trowel and kurpa and some sticks for supporting plants, sharp blade, pruning shears, branch cutter to cut thick branches, big tub for mixing soil, a bucket, some string to give support to vines and a spray bottle.

Seed Selection and Germination

You should always buy good quality seeds for the best results in pots. Instead of sowing seeds directly into the soil. Sow them in germination tray. To make germination mix you need. Coco peat 60% and Vermicompost 40%. Make the mixture moist and fill it in the tray. For fast germination you should soak big hard shelled seeds like bottle gourd, sponge gourd into the water overnight. Sow seeds to the depth double the thickness of a seed. Don’t sow them too deep, this will make germination hard. Now keep them in bright and shady place. Keep seedling mix moist till germination, but do not overwater or seeds may rot. Ones seedlings grow 3-4 true leaves, transfer them in container. Grow only! plant in 8-12-inch medium size pot. But you can grow 2-3 seedlings at the distance of 10 inches. If you grow many plants in a single pot they will compete for nutrients and none of them will grow well.

How to grow and when to grow

Different vegetables are grown in different seasons. Select vegetables according to season from may to august between summer to rainy season you can start with easy vegetables in small pots like fenugreek, spinach, amaranth, beetroot and radish. You can sow seeds directly in the container with some distance. All these vegetables can be harvested after 30-60 days. you can grow cabbage in small containers which can be ready to harvested in 4 months, brinjal which can also be harvested in 4 months, okra get ready to pic after 2 months. Tomatoes takes 3 months to get ripen, chili which becomes ready to be harvested in 2 and a half months. Coriander leaves are harvested after 1 month, capsicum harvested after 3 months. Ones you understand how to grow easy fruits and vegetables then you will learn the technique of gardening then you will be able to grow different vegetables. Sponge gourd vines start flowering in 3 months. Lima beans starts flowering in 2 months and after 70 days your vine will be full of beans. You can also grow cucumber, transplant seedlings after 14 days of seeding flowering will start in 40 days an harvested in 65 days. 

You can also grow long beans which can be harvested after 60 days. Creeper vines need support of trellis to climb and spread. Firmly fix 6-7 thick bamboos and make a frame. Jutes ropes like a net to make such a structure. In all vegetable vines you can get 4 times more yield in 3G cutting. Ones vines become 5 feet tall, do 3G cutting. New branches will grow after this which will bear mostly female flowers which turns to fruit. Small fruits dropping in gourd vines due to overwatering small fruits becomes black or yellow and falls down. To avoid it, ones flowering start water only when the soil feels dry to touch.

Potted Fruit plants

Not only vegetables you can also grow many fruits in your terrace garden, like strawberry.