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How to grow Strawberry in vertical garden at home

Grow Strawberry in vertical garden

Grow strawberry in vertical garden: In this blog I am going to tell you how to make a beautiful self-watering 3D tri tower for strawberry plants from PVC pipes. Also, how to take proper care of strawberry plants and get lots of strawberries. I will also share two months step by step updates from planting saplings to harvesting ripe berries. All that is coming up.

Its very easy, quick and inexpensive to make a strawberry tower. A vertical planting should be a great idea. Especially when you have a lack of garden space. You need 6 things for making the structure.


Grow Strawberry in vertical garden

6 Things for grow strawberry in vertical garden

  • A PVC pipe which should be at least 9 feet long, with a diameter of 4 inch or above.
  • 3 flat PVC pipe end caps or scrap plastic container like 1 kg paint bucket for this.
  • 6 nut bolts.
  • A glass bottle or a small steel tumbler.
  • Angle cutter or blade saw.
  • A drill machine or some pointed. Object to make holes.
Let’s Start the procedure

First of all, mark the pipe on every 3 feet and then cut the pipe in three equal pieces, 36 inch each.

Grow Strawberry in garden with pipe

Now take this one kg empty paint bucket and cut it two inch above from the bottom. You can also use flat PVC pipe end cap instead. File the rough edges. Make some drainage holes at the bottom. Now make two marks on these pipes, 4 inch each, with the distance of 12 inches, then cut through the marks. Now heat the cut area on flame carefully. Keep on checking for softness, but don’t overheat or it will melt. Expand the cut with tumbler or glass bottle, while it is hot. Next, we need to join these three pipes with each other. Now on the opposite sides of hole. Make a mark on 3 inches on top and bottom in a line. Repeat the same in one more pipe. Drill the holes. Join both pipes with nut bolts. Now I joined these two pipes with each other. Now we need to connect third pipe. Place third pipe in the center of two pipes and mark the touching point of third pipe with other two pipes. Make the holes and fix the bolts. Fix the bottom caps. Now tower is ready for planting.


We need fluffy, well drained nutrient rich organic soil. To make best soil mix we need 30% garden soil, 30% vermicompost, 30% cocopeat, 10% perlite or sand. Mix it all very well. Now fill this soil mix into the towers. Fill one-inch gravels at the bottom to ensure drainage. Now fill the soil to the level of first soil.


We will now plant strawberry saplings. Take the plant out of plastic bag and remove soil around the root ball carefully. Make sure not to damage feeder roots. Now insert roots of sapling into the hole. Keep the crown above the soil or your plant will rot. Apply some coco coir around the holes to avoid drainage of soil from holes. Now one by one I will plant all 9 saplings into the holes. Now my vertical strawberry tower is ready.

Grow Strawberry garden wiith leaves

I will water it throughout until water start to drain. Remember vertical planting needs carefully watering, as upper part dries out soon. If you let the soil completely dried out, your plant may die. So frequent watering is required. Keep it in shade for a week. Then place it on the spot which remains sunny all the time. Along with 3d tower I am also planting some saplings of orchard strawberry variety in big clay pots and plastic containers. This variety produces huge big sized strawberry.

After 20 days

It’s been 20 days since transplanting. And flowering has been started in tower plants as well as potted plants. After 40 days, plants are filled with green small strawberries and flowers. Also, potted plants are now bearing lot of green berries.

Grow red Strawberry in garden

After 65 days

It’s been 65 days since transplanted saplings, all plants are on maximum fruiting now. Plants are full of red ripe strawberries. I can literally feel the fresh fruity fragrance of strawberries in my garden.

Harvesting time

Harvesting strawberries only when the fruit turns bright blood red color. These fully ripe blood red berries are far sweeter than market bought ones.