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Garden Deco – How and when to water plants.

How and when to water plants

How and when to water plants – Plants are autophytes, they don’t cook food like humans and then eat, Yes, this is true, their functioning happens by itself, but they can’t communicate their needs and requirements with us. We are the one who need to superintend them.

So, in this blog we will discuss how to water plants.

Watering a plants
With flowers

Irrigating your garden doesn’t have to be a drudgery that you rush through. You will enjoy it once you will start doing it. Watering should be done during early morning hours (5am-7am).

As the soil of the plant is cooled overnight so watering early morning always help the plants to feel fresh. Watering early morning is a better intake of nutrients can take place. Otherwise, watering plants in the afternoon can cause the growth of fungus in the root system as the soil gets instant temperature variation (especially during summers). Neither we need to water in the evening. Because the transpiration pores of the leaves are closed due to which the excess water remains in the roots; which may cause the fungal infections.

Stagnant water is also the area for insect infestation which ultimately cause damage to the plants. Plants are not just for decoration but they are crucial part ecosystem that attract life to the garden. And life can only come if we maintain the garden properly. So, Watering should be done as per the need of the plant and not to be inundating.

How and when to water plants

Watering a plant depends upon the following factors:




Type of Plant

Age of Plant



When the temperature rises the transpiration process in the plants escalates due to which they might start wilting, in such cases always prefer heavy watering to your plant in the morning time so that transpiration process should not harm the plant. And when the temperature lowers, say around 10-15*C; we need to water twice a week and it varies with temperature.

Humidity: Higher the humidity lesser the water is needed, as the transpiration and other physiological processes slows down. So, watering should be done in a moderate way and further it will prevent the disease infestation.

Climate: Climate is a huge factor taken into consideration before watering the plant.  Quantity and duration of rainfall alters the watering system.

Type of plant: Taking in consideration the two categories i.e. Outdoor and Indoor plants.

Outdoor plants are hardy in nature; they require proper sunlight for their growth, in contrast indoor plants do not require much sunlight for performing their physiological activities. So, requirement for watering for both type of plants is different at different stages.


Outdoor plants need much more water than indoor plants. Outdoor plants need to be watered almost every day with respect to the weather conditions but in case of indoor plants we just sprinkle the water twice or thrice a week.

Age of the plant: In case of Outdoor plants, more the age of plant more the water is needed. Outdoor plants at the sapling stage just need the sprinkle of water and as its ages, the quantity of water increases but the quantity remains same in case of indoor plants.

Water Quality: The water to be used for watering the plants neither should be acidic nor it should be alkaline, it should be neutral so that it should not affect the plant growth.

Indeed, irrigating a garden is not that easy task it needs the attention as much as in cooking food that mean a proper quantity of water should be given to them for their proper functioning. Water your plants with love and care and they will represent the best version of themselves.

Quantity matter

Do not waste the water while irrigating the plants as it is rightly said that When the wells are dry, we know the worth of water. So, I recommend you to use the drip system or sprinkler system for watering the plants instead of directly flooding them.