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Garden Deco – Hanging Baskets and planters

Hanging Baskets and planters

Garden Deco is an online garden store that equips you with ravishing gardening products. It offers a wide variety of products at a very reasonable price with excellent quality that can embellish your interior. If you are looking for a platform to garnish your garden, you are at the right dais. Today in this hanging baskets and planters blog, I will discuss the two distinguished products of the garden deco.

Metal Coir Hanging Baskets


Hanging Baskets:

In urban areas, people find very little space for gardening. In that case, the coir hanging basket comes on the priority list. Garden deco bids astonishing hanging baskets with organic coir linear. It blooms your garden with lovely plants. It has a fixed chain with an S- hook. It is suitable for patios, verandas or gardens. There is a wide range of metal coir hanging baskets in different shapes and sizes. Metal hanging baskets are highly used to plant flowers to enhance your garden.

Metal Coir Hanging Baskets

Wall Trough



Let’s alter the look of your outdoor area. Wall trough is another unique planter that can give a vibrant style to your home. It helps to Secure your garden even in intense temperatures. It is available with or without coir linear. Wall troughs are the finest pick for balconies and roof gardening. Wall troughs are best for indoor purposes also.

Benefits of organic coco linear baskets:

It cannot retain any toxic chemical for the roots of the plants

– It forges 100% organic.

– These are eco-friendly and hold for a longer span even in the rays or a hellish temperature.

– It has a high water-retaining capacity.

– It helps the roots to grow stronger.

– It can be helpful to re-pot your plant along with coco linear into another linear.

Plastic Hanging Basket


Hanging Basket:

Plastic hanging baskets are the favorite among gardeners because of their variety of benefits. It has a chain with S-hook, suitable for hanging anywhere in your home. It has lightweight and moderately soft. Employing hanging baskets gives the advantage to modify its position anywhere due to weather conditions. Plastic pots do not absorb much water, so there is no possibility of a loss of moisture in the soil.

Plastic Hanging Basket

Railing Planter

Railing Planter

Railing Hanging baskets planter: Everyone likes a splash of tints in their home. Garden Deco presents another product that can highly flourishing planter due to its exceptional layout and benefits. Railing planters are available in different colors, shapes, and sizes that can enhance your balconies, gardens. It has a hook and is suitable to be hung anywhere at your home. This is highly urged for growing herbs, vegetables, and flowers. Railing planters are the best to organize your outdoor spacing with attractive flowers.

Benefits of Railing planters:

  • It is easy to maintain.
  • It has an efficient drainage system.
  • It can be recycled.

Ceramic Planters

Ceramic planters are the most versatile plant containers made of clay which are highly preferred by gardeners. These planters are the best alternative for indoor as well as outdoor. It is available in different shapes, sizes, and color formations. It shields the plant from sudden temperature due to its thick, burly wall which is enduring. It has a drainage hole that helps in regulating the flow of moisture to the plant.


Benefits of ceramic pots:

  • Fewer chances of breakage due to its thick and burly wall.
  • Provide sufficient air and moisture to the plant.
  • It does not deform and retain water.
Ceramic Planters Ceramic Planters

Resin Planter

Resin Planter

Picking the finest planter for your garden can assemble a new look on your patio. Resin Planters give a passable look to your porch and can stand out in the fluctuation of temperature. It has a UV inhibitor, it cannot fade or peel. It only requires a quick wash when it dirts. Resin planters are available in different shapes, colors, and sizes. It is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor planters.

              Benefits of resin planters:

             – Resin planters are easy to clean and maintain.

             – It can be recycled, which is beneficial for the environment also.

             – Resins are light in weight.

             – It’s a long-lasting product.

Let’s create a stunning green space in your home with amazing planters. Garden Deco is the best page to visit as it offers more products that are long-lasting and embellish your garden.