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This couple is changing the gifting culture of India; The Green Couple of India, Mr. & Mrs. Mehra.

Garden Story of Green Couple

God is the most magnificent artist on this entire Macrocosm. We can see his artistic talent in the sceneries of the earth. The beauty and colours of flora and fauna show his love and dedication towards mother earth. Then a day came when humans appeared on this earth it was the last day when nature was at its best. From the very first day of human occurrence, they have started polluting the most beloved Nature of God. We throw garbage in it either by excretion of waste from our bodies or through expelling carbon dioxide.  Although humans are harming nature and its beauty, it returns its warmth to them as the mother does. This story is about the husband-wife who has set their aim to revive the beauty of mother earth; Mr. Rohit Mehra and Mrs. Geetanjali.

Mrs mehra

Mr. Rohit Mehra is an IRS officer 2004 batch. Currently, he is serving as Additional Commissioner Income Tax at Ludhiana. Mrs. Geetanjali Mehra is an interior designer by profession but an active environmentalist by passion. She is a post-graduate in political science and holds a B.ed degree as well.

gardening people
Well, we see in this world there are billions of people who know what to do in their life, there are very few people who do what they know.
Indeed! they have proved this statement right.

They said, “there was a time when the Punjab government announced a couple of pollution holidays. Our younger kid hailed, we have holidays, we should go out for picnic as the school will remain closed for the next 3 to 4 days”. At that instant, the entire NCR was in clutches of smog consequently had no clean air. That moment was a life-changing moment for them. They determined to make earth pollution-free. 

They said, “we both got perturbed and started discussing the awful condition of the environment, which was a thing of concern. if the situation remains the same, people will need an oxygen cylinder to breathe in the future. And that actually happened in the second wave of Covid-19. Pandemic taught us that our lungs are not less than heart and kidneys”.

Increasing pollution levels pinched them a lot so, they planned to create gardens. At the near end, the question arose where to plant the garden?

They saw that the entire surroundings were covered by the concrete jungle, over and above cities had outspread. Then they thought to grow the garden vertically if they could not do it horizontally. They did detail research on it and successfully created the vertical garden at their home in Amritsar.

They discovered the different methods to make it sustainable. So they found the techniques by which plants could remain alive in the vertical direction. They do vertical gardening by drip irrigation method. It saves 93% of water and increases the longevity of walls. Nevertheless, tons of plastic bottles, which would have gone to landfills and remained there for another 400 years polluting our surroundings, are reused. Isn’t it amazing?

They said, “We made the first vertical garden at Income Tax Department. It is the biggest vertical garden in India. Punjab agriculture University did the survey and reported that pollution index inside the office was 74 and outside office was 274”. 

Wow! Anybody can get goose bumps by hearing this. Just by planting a vertical garden the pollution reduced by approximately 75%. That is a decent gap. They both are born with a different vision of living. Their confidence reached a pinnacle point after knowing the index gap. There are lots more things to tell you about them. 

garden story of mrs mehra

Wow! Anybody can get goose bumps by hearing this. Just by planting a vertical garden the pollution reduced by approximately 75%. That is a decent gap. They both are born with a different vision of living. Because their confidence reached a pinnacle point after knowing the index gap. There are lots more things to tell you about them. 

Garden Story of Green Couple

They said, “We saw many areas which were devoid of population. But indeed! could be used as forest area”. 

Here they came up with the idea of seed balls. In a seed ball, a seed is wrapped with a mixture of coco peat and moss. It has all the nutrients for the seed to grow into a plant. Seed ball only needs water to sprout which it gets from the rain and we do not need to water it manually. They just throw the seed balls in the barren areas. When it gets the water it sprouts up. It takes the nutrition from the organic matter in which it is covered.

So the idea behind seed balls is transparent, if you cannot grow plants manually, you can throw seed balls and plant trees. It is a throw-and-grow method.

Not only this, the 3rd concept that Mr. and Mrs. introduced was Micro forests. These forests are made up on the concept of the Miyawaki which grows 30 times faster and 10 times denser than manual forest. In this only native plants are selected and planted at very less distance. In this method, plants make the network underground with the roots which create a symbiotic relationship between them. The plants help each other in their growth. What a beautiful science is behind this concept.




Once you get the success you crave to do more. The same happened with this couple as well. They started alone but when they moved on this path many people joined them and now they have built a team for saving nature. Mrs. Mehra has started a new venture of changing the gifting culture of India by the name of Greenwrap.

She said, “Sometimes we get the gifts which have no perspective and they are not even needed. I think we should give live gifts instead of dead ones”. 

Whatever funds she generates from the ventures everything goes in expansion the same. By this I mean they plan new forests, trivanis, vertical gardens, and many more.

garden story of Mrs. Mehraa

She said, “There was a time when the major decisions were taken under the trivanis by the panchayats. But now they are just vanished from everywhere. If we will not take the initiative of saving nature, then who will. it’s just a thought process every individual should take responsibility to save earth. Seeds of this green culture should be sown in the brains of young children. So this is the reason for starting new ventures.

They said, “When we will die we will take 2 trees along with us. We should at least plant one tree and take care of it so that even after going from here we pay our debts of staying here”.

They believe that every school should have an environmental club so that children should know the importance of the trees and their significance in our life.

The couple has taken the following Initiatives:
  1. Vertical gardens in discarded plastic bottles 
  2. Seed-balls 
  3. Panchvati, Triveni, and Harishankari 
  4. Mini-Forests on the Principles of Vrukshayurveda 

Plantation in Vertical gardens by using discarded plastic bottles: 

garden story

a. Planted 7.50 lakhs (approx.) plants in 3.5 years and created more than 540 vertical gardens and reused 60 tons of waste plastic.

b. They have also created the largest vertical garden of India with a waste plastic bottle and holds a Limca Book of Record which is 10,135 square feet at the Income-tax office, Ludhiana. 

c. Recently, they have created the largest vertical garden of India with waste plastic in the Golden Temple, Amritsar.

d. They have also the distinction of creating the first vertical garden in the Railway Station of India in Ludhiana.

e. The other places include Damdama-Sahib, Bhatinda Schools, Colleges, Gurudwaras, Government-buildings, Income Tax offices, Police stations, Prisons, Corporate Houses, Industrial-Houses, Hotels, School of children with special abilities, Bridges and flyovers, etc. As per a report in the Times of India he has been able to reduce pollution by 75% in his office. 


Creating a Movement of Reforestation by Seed-balls:

a. They have got made and distributed close to 21 lakhs seed balls in the last 3 years. It includes the distribution of 3 Lakhs Tulsi seed balls as Prashadam in One day at Jagantah Rathyatra. 

b. They have tied up with Toll Plaza where everyone who pays Toll, Gets seed ball. 

c. They have conducted seminars and workshops for this technique involving 200 schools and colleges, industrial houses, religious institutions, NGOs, corporate bodies, women self-help groups, juvenile prisons, members of the public thereby covering more than 2,00,000 people. He conducted Green cricket matches, Green Kitty, by involving members of the public and even army, police.

Panchvati, Triveni and Harishankari, etc.

They have got planted more than 1200 Panchvatis (6000 xtrees of Amla, Bargad, Neem, Bael, and Ashoka) involving various strata of the public from toddler to old aged people. People are urged to donate and plant trees in the name of their children and ancestors. 


The couple has created 45 Micro-forests on the principles of Vrukshayurveda. These are small forests that grow 10 times faster and are 30 times denser. 20 forests are in pipeline. They have also written 2 books.

Not everyone dares to do such great things. Indeed! If you are doing this, we bow you. You are doing just not for yourselves but others as well. The Garden deco team extends the heartiest thank-giving to you for starting the venture like adoptions of the plants in the schools and for everything else you are doing. It is our pleasure that we met you and covered your story.