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Five Beautiful Flowering Trees for Our Home

The trees and plants are our natural capital. These are the fundamentals of our life on earth. Planting the trees help human health and fulfill necessary natural resources.

Indeed! Flowering trees are one of the glorious indications that spring has arrived. It gives a fascinating appearance to the world.

Flowers bring “beauty” to the land.

When we hear the word “beauty”. The foremost thing that comes to our mind is nature. Nature reflects one of its beautiful side which is flowers. The beauty of a flower will always hold our attention with its appearance. In today’s blog, I will share the five most beautiful flowering trees for our home.

Gulmohar Tree:

Five Beautiful Flowering Trees for Our Home: Five Beautiful Flowering Trees for Our Home:

Gulmohar, is a tranquil flowering plant. It considers one of the most elegant tree. In the world, almost all the countries are glamourized with this magical tree.

The telltale of Gulmohar is derived from two words- gul means flower and mohar mean gold.

It is also named Royal Poinciana or Flame tree. This ornamental tree is found mostly on every side of the road and dwellings. It is a fast-growing tree. It blooms in all the climatic conditions except very dry or forestry conditions.


Bottle Bush:

Are you looking for a unique tree for enhancing your garden? The bottlebrush tree should be at the top of your list.

This evergreen tree is native to Australia. It is a unique tree among Australian trees. The scientific name of this tree is Melaleuca citrina. It is extensively used as a landscaping tree because of its adaptability. It grows quickly and reaches a height up to 30 ft tall.

If we talk about its attractive appearance. It is an eye-catching tree. It appears in a cylindrical shape. The flower of this tree is vibrant and the leaves are light green. This tree is grown under the shade of the sun.

The flowers of this tree are eatable and they can be added to your salad and cooked dishes. 


Five Most Spectacular Flowering Trees for Our Home:

Another flowering tree that enhance beauty to your landscape is Palash. It is called the “flame of the forest” because of its red-colored flowers. The scientific name of Palash is “Butea monosperma”. Palash is native to India and is found easily all over India.

 It belongs to the Fabaceae family. Palash flowering tree gets the owner as of the state flower of Uttar Pradesh. It grows 35-40 feet tall. Palash tree blooms during February month. They cover the landscape with red flowers and make the area beautiful. It has a curved trunk and irregular branches.

The interesting thing about this tree is that every part from flower to leaves, seed, and bark everything is useful. Palash is a medicinal herb that is used as a remedy for various ailments. Palash bark is used to treat cuts and wounds. Not only this, dried flowers are also used to make colors for the festival and used to cure skin rashes.  


Amaltas is a versatile flowering tree, honored as a “Golden Shower Tree”. It belongs to the Caesalpiniaceae family. Amaltas is an evergreen tree that is native to the Indian sub-continent. It glorifies the state flower of Kerala.

This golden beauty grabs the attention of its appearance. Its stunning hanging yellow flowers make them attractive. It extends up to 20m in height. 

It is a miraculous herb used in different health conditions. The leaf of Amaltas is beneficial for skin problems. This ayurvedic herb is excellent for the digestive system.

 Pride of India:

Pride of India is the most spectacular flowering tree. It is one of the marvelous summer bloomers. Another name for this tree is Lagerstroemia Flosreginae. It belongs to the Lythraceae family. It is the state tree of Maharashtra.

Pride of India is an evergreen fast-growing tree. It considers an ornamental tree and is extensively grown in a home garden. It extends up to 20-60 feet tall.

The flower blooms in two colors- pink and purple.

Instead of being a beautiful tree, this tree is a medicinal value also. It is useful to cure many ailments such as blood pressure and prevent heart diseases.  

Note: Flowers are the jewel of our land. We must take a step toward growing trees or plants to make our earth clean and better.